Skipped To A Country … With No Plan & No Regrets

melissa divietri australia

This has been my year of transformation. I’ve traveled around the world since last July but I am still hungry for more…

During my time of travel, I went to countries in Southeast Asia, Central America and South America. I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone.. not necessary knowing why but hoping to find something / someone / people who can build me up.

I adapt to my surroundings so well.. I’ve developed a mastery of ‘letting go’ and ‘opening up.’ When you have an open mind to everything, and I mean everything – people, culture, language, technology and ways of doing things, you start to grow into a new person.. hence my year of transformation.

I went to the Outback in Australia

Yes, you read that correctly.. Miss City Slicker went to the bush in the middle of a park in Australia. For what? A journey… something outside my comfort zone.

The hike took a 6+ hour plane ride from Bali to Sydney… stopping for a half day to visit a girlfriend that I met last year in Asia… plus an additional 7 hour bus ride to Wagga Wagga (I just love that name). I arrived super late in the night.. after 3AM. I had to knock door to door to find a hotel that would open for a room. Wagga Wagga is a very small town with a road that drives directly thru (locals call a highway).

I found this incredible couple, that owned a small inn, whom took me in for the night. It was a small room with everything that I needed. Wow. And they even allowed me to sleep in an extra 2 hours.

I packed my items the next morning.. setting off to another journey. I was in search of an electric scooter to assist with limited my walking.

Previously, I called around 6 different places sending off emails & phone calls. I asked for assistance from one shop who pointed me to another business who rented scooters. Wow.. friend of a friend.

All ready to go to Burning Seed

I hurdled all of my bags, electric scooter, electronics and random shit that I bought from a gas station, into a large taxi. My driver took me across the dry, open fields into the Outback of Matong… we passed signs that read “Kangaroo Next 250KM” haha

The taxi price was a terrible $240 AUS dollars for an hour drive but at this point, I didn’t have a choice for transportation. I was going to get Burning Seed, no matter what, because I already came thus far.

On arrival to Burning Seed

I was greeted by rangers wearing orange jumpsuits dressed all creative with hats, random clothing pieces & unique sparkles. These volunteers helped with direction and facilitating the festival. There were beautifully painted signs along the dirt road that read “Leave Her As We Found Her,” “Leave No Trace,” “Respect The Locals,” and other creative environmentalist signage… how beautiful to see such a pro-active cause to keep the park clean before you enter the experience… I was blown away by the community.

The entire festival was held accountable for separating their waste and leaving nothing behind. The rangers would do a quick run thru at the end to “shame” any campsite that left items by finding them on the map and sending a notice later.
Our campsite, Telekenetik was quite serious about keeping the recycle regulations in place for a clean environment.

I wasn’t ready for this experience.

I’ve been to many music festivals, but never a burn.
burning seed