Art comes from within your body / and soul

Life of of missydi

Art comes from within your body / and soul. There is something great to be said about someone who can create. I’ve always been interested in other creatives; as we are outlook all the time.

Creatives are so misunderstood.

It’s a bit crazy to think how I can develop a painting that’s sprayed across a building.. And I only stand 4 foot tall — 0_o

I can feel this pressure weighing on me, like whoa she did this? Yes.. fa sho. I stay smiling – it’s the best way to hide what you really feel. Check me out, ajjaaj want some art? Send a DM. 💎#lifeofmissydi#missydiartist@missydi

Beeswax mixed with oil #abstract @missydi

@detroitnews flashback!! #media