10 Tools To Improve Your Twitter Game


Social Media can change the way users interact with your business. In our digital world, a presence on social media can open new opportunities in business and networking. Users find it must more simplistic to communicate via social media than checking email.

social media tools

Here is a short list of Twitter tools to make the process easier for your social media strategy. Use these for brand monitoring, social media listening, scheduling and measuring your impact.

1. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck allows you to create multiple streams that can be based on your newsfeed, keywords, geolocation in certain radius or people monitoing. You can also easily schedule tweet, retweet and respond through the app or desktop version. Highly recommend incorporating this tool into your social media strategy for social media listening and scheduling posts!

2. Topsy

Topsy will give you the number of relevant tweets and trends and then list out the most popular tweets. You can understand how many tweets were posted per hour, over the past 30 days etc. This tool makes it very easy to respond in real time to a newsfeed of tweets associated to that hashtag.

3. Tagboard

Social media listening tool that processes multiple social networks that are associated to a certain hashtag. Simply type in the hashtag, press go and be amazed with the amount of data that is provided on multiple networks. You have the opportunity to filter by network and learn what was negative/positive/neutral in posting. This platform also allows you to respond in real time to those networks without having to pay a subscriber fee.

4. TweetReach

How far did your hashtag travel? Be aware — this tool does provide exceptional data but it only pulls the most recent 100 tweets that were associated to the hashtag. You must pay a fee of $20 to gather all of the data. It is a great tool to understand who tweeted the most,  top influencers and what time of day had the most tweets.

5. WeLink

Geolocating social media discovery tool that pulls public data on multiple social media accounts. Draw a geofence around the area you would like to collect data and watch how quickly the big data will populate in real time. Ask me for a demo!

6. GroundSignal

Another social media geolocation program that filters by radius. This is a free tool that will collect data associated by hashtag and location based concepts.

7. Twazzup

Real time responding tool that pulls content into one single newsfeed for easy social media monitoring. This tool will provide real time data that allows you to retweet, favorite and respond to those who are tweeting to that hashtag.

8. TweetChat

Use this tool to hop into different conversations each week that are hosted by a TweetChat. TweetChats are created to join a conversation at a certain time and interact with users who are participating in the Q&A of the chatroom. Grow your network quickly by retweeting and responding to those in the TweetChat. The list will populate in real time so you must be quick on the mouse clicker!

9. Trendsmap

Understand what users are tweeting in different areas of the world. Join the conversation by growing your network in different cities and states.


10. SocialBro

Grow your network with this nifty tool by selecting who your target audience is and the location. For example, if you are seeking “business” in Detroit, MI – you would type the content in the search by users feature. The tool will pull up all associated accounts that are business related in Detroit. You can go one step further and adjust by how many followers, female/male and verified accounts.