How Much Time Mobile and Social Media Require

melissa divietri social media

The amount of time that a business should invest in mobile and social media marketing depends on the size of the business. Small business owners are not in the position to hire a full-time social media manager so they must equally find ways to limit themselves to one or two social platforms.  Social and mobile marketing is powerful and the responsibility should be shared in order of priority.

Based on the social networks that your business wishes to make a priority in your content strategy, you can adjust for hiring a social media manager:

    • Blogging (10 hours):  Write creative content for short posts that will publish weekly on cross channel platforms. Research the content, edit the material and insert photos and integrate video for best search engine optimization
    • Facebook (7 hours): Post daily to the Facebook LIKE page, monitor the comments 24/7 and respond to users in real time.
    • Twitter (4 hours): To tweet and retweet an average of four times daily, to respond to messages and mentions, to organize followers into lists, and to strategically follow others. You can utilize content curation and scheduling tools to save time.
    • Google+ (4 hours): To share updates three to four times weekly, +1 the posts of others, and participate in Google+ Communities.
    • LinkedIn (4 hours): To share two to three posts weekly, maintain your personal profile, and participate in LinkedIn Groups.
    • YouTube (4 hours weekly): To upload video, create playlists, subscribe to other channels, and study the video campaigns of other nonprofits. (However, I use YouTube for 5 to 6 hours daily, it’s where I get my music)
    • Pinterest (3 hour weekly): To pin or repin images twice daily and maintain your boards.
    • Snapchat (3 hour weekly): To send 2 – 3 minutes of stories per day.
    • Instagram (3 hours weekly): To share one to two images or videos daily and like the photos of others.
    • Tumblr (3 hours weekly): To post or reblog one to two times daily and like the posts of others.
    • Miscellaneous activities (4 hours weekly): To create Facebook invitations, promote and host quarterly tweet chats and Google+ Hangouts, report live, and participate in awareness day campaigns.
    • Create graphics and visual content (3 hours weekly): To design branded images, infographics, video, online presentations, and social network banners.
    • Research (2 hours weekly): To investigate trends in nonprofit technology and monitor breaking news and current affairs.
    • Feedback (1 hour weekly): To track and report on success.

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