Where did the time go? Como 🤷

melissa divietri happiness

I don’t know when to quit.
I can’t tell myself to stop.
Always on the Hustle.
The grind is an itch that I’ve always had.
Detroit homegrown. A true ladyboss 👏🏻 24/7..

I will run my energy into the ground until I let up.. give up.. or stop.
This is what you call “the degree” that separates the haves// from the have-nots.

You can “have” the lifestyle of choice because you are striving to build your own empire.. the “have-nots” make an excuse for every- damn thing. 😀

Someone said to me this evening,
“why live in Bali if you can’t enjoy it?”

Yaaaaaa gurl!!!!! Think about where you are.. what time it is.. who you are with. Are you happy? Everyday baby… I have no reason to complain.

melissa divietri happy

Get into the right motion of balance:

Take all of your things / the problems / issues as they come.. and just own it. Fake it til you make it. 👾

I started my morning with a new Instagram strategy doing some crazy things for a new client. Making all kinds of bad decisions.. and I had to investigate on the fly.. in 5 different areas. I was on hawk mode (click click click)… click!

I want everything to always be perfect. LOL it’s not a flaw, it’s a good value for my people.

You get what you pay for.
And that’s why I do what I do.. because it’s not about the money – it’s about the cashflow.

I had my Spanish class online for two hours via Skype. My professor is in Colombia; he was my teacher while I lived in Medellin. Class is getting harder but I am on point – trying to learn. Ayeeeee!

By mid-morning, I recorded 4 videos for social media training on Instagram outreach, creating documents for standard operating procedures, etiquette for social media advertising to events and customized 4-grid boards for Instagram stories.. whoa.

I provided two consults for my friends in Bali — one consult on LinkedIn optimization and the other on Facebook ads to drive download. Okayyy I like doing consults.. building brands is my bread and butter!

Went to my favorite WArung / remote office space in my village — most stunning view, ever.

I visited my girlfriend at her “zen” – her creator space where she makes things ahaah easy way to say it. Like whoa.. how do I fit all of this in my end.. go go go gogo gogo gogo gooo

I may be the “boss”, but I have commitments & deadlines too.

I fulfilled seven of 10 projects for social media management — Wow this was a huge accomplishment because I was considering working thru my “break.” But I didn’t — I told myself to get what you can today.. and finish the rest tomorrow.

Yes — this lady boss gets to have a break during the day. I switch from go-mode to chill-mode for at least 2 hours.. by mid-day, my phone has been charged twice with power packs or its just dead. I sleep… or read, or paint.

I never miss a sunset — ever. I will stop everything to go see the sunset… the one thing that I tell my mind –I must always see the sun.

Video – Click Me

I went to a lady boss mastermind driving thru the rain with my phone between my legs, almost destroying to navigate directions LOL Worth it!

I set myself up for also, prioritizing my client list. It wasnt the easiest decision to let go of four more clients, but it was the best decision.Spent half the week working with a lawyer to approach the termination, it’s not me-it’s you. LOL. Having a ‘goodbye / farewell’ conversation to someone that you know means well, but you don’t love their brand anymore🤦🏻‍♀️. It’s a hard phone conversation to have when you are thousands of miles away.

I’m eager.. I’m excited…

Everyday I wake up.. and count my blessings for having this lifestyle. I’ve been a fighter my whole life.. and I dont have to fight anymore. – mel