Time isnt Real


I recently learned that time is only an illusion… Time moves as fast as you do; your course depends on your high or lows.

Which makes sense why I never wore a watch my entire life. The moment I finish one thing, the next thing pops up and so on. Looking at the time would just cause unnecessary stress;

Time.. time to plan? time to think? time for self care?

Time to put myself in the right situations even if that means letting go of people that I spent a lot of “time” with.. my tide is changing; because the waves are getting stronger or more things have been presenting themselves in my industry.

Im always ready, and im always willing.. but until then – its time for R&R and drafts for Monday grind. <3 leggoo



  1. The English word, just four letters, T I M E, tied together, is only a word. No value or weight, only just a word in the English language. Another four-letter word starts with an L and ends in E or the opposite of, four letters once again. It begins with an H and ends in E. Look at the time you spent reading my comment. What is the value or weight?

    Choice. Another word in the English language with one more letter. The choice to spend time with the value and weight of the reply. Perhaps, too, live by the choice one decides, hate or love? My choice, later, of course!

    Always, in abundance, always.

  2. And the feeling is beautiful; words can make you feel a certain way – Which is why I take the time to make an effort to share something that will resonate with folks. I appreciate that you follow me; you make me think more about what to say properly.


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