Throwback Thursday – Vibes in Bali, Indonesia

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Throwback Thursday — to my paradise island, Indonesia — all the way across the world. Missing my family in Bali.. I am thinking of how much I grew as a person when I lived on the Island of the Gods. Now that Im back in USA; I can really feel all the power and energy that I collected from Bali.. you really made an impression on my personality to this day.. I am humble. The experiences from Bali — opened my world.💗

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you can always find me … in the paddies. 🌾🌾 I am taking the concepts & perceptions that I discovered when living in Indonesia.. and applying full-force to my relationships. I was a very-relaxed person living in Bali.. taking moments as they arrive. With the recent success of my network on social; the demand for my attention is higher than ever.. over 100 subs a day on my social lists and digital media blasts. I almost lost the true "me" for a moment.. I've sent the hard messages, emails, texts and phone-calls to 'break up" with my clients and agency. I feel a sign of relief; I feel air.. I feel removed from their creative tape and restrictions -> this is my moment for my brand building.. and saying 'yes" to the right people — giving my energy to the people who will bring it back to me. Day 1 – of no restrictions; huge move for my life / relationships / business & brand. I've started to push way, step back and say 'no-not happening, this is what I want." I have let to many people take advantage of my resources and network; and I finally found a brand (well we found each other) that can help a lot of people.. and im inspired to be passionate for this company because we will build this new empire together.. anyway we like it! Send me a DM if you want to be in my social media tribe; 👾👾 it will be a private community on Facebook.

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The last time I felt this pit in my stomach was in Bali – last December… A physical pain that took over my soul for days. No matter how strong I may be emotionally, my life is complicated. This last moment was when a friend that I confined in, took a stab at my vulnerability & brought me down to earth.. in his words, at least… I wanted to feel alive again – so I took my friend on a journey to the volcano for his birthday. We drove on our scooters for 3 1/2 hours in ash, lava and rain to witness something majestic. I saw a puppy be thrown off the side of the road – that fu*ked me up hard… I saw villages washed away in the slush in moments… and people covered in ash from head to toe holding everything they owned in their hands .. My life was being shaken by mother nature and awaken by God. I knew I had one option – to keep going, and no matter what was on the other side, things would get better… As soon as we hit the top of the mountain.. two earth quake tremors shook the ground and the volcano spewed with ash.. I can visually see the ash cloud as if Im standing there again. Here I am, going thru life moments again – this time with love. It will never be the same .. I desperately need an escape.. and that's how Im feeling right now – fighting for air and looking for that life-changing moment again. I'm waiting for it.. anything really. I just need to feel like myself again.

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