TedX Detroit

melissa divietri tedx

Detroit is the one. It always has been the city –the one that’s always in the news or someone has a preconceived idea of what it’s like to be here. My favorite part about telling people where I’m from, is the opportunity to share what makes life so special to live in the 313👊.

Detroit is unlike any other place in the world, you have to wake up every day and make something of yourself. It takes more than one job to earn a living and you need to be creative with your skills.

Detroit allows me to stand apart.. to be different. To express and embrace my physical strength in a positive manner. I’ve been thinking lately that I don’t want to leave because I’m so happy here.

Life has been challenging, not just for me but for everyone. I’ve lived abroad so long that I started to forget what it felt like to have a home. I’m used to my little routines, and that scares me as a gypsy.

I dream, and I dream big. I fall, and I fall hard.

But remember one thing about me, if I fall chasing my dreams then best bet is that I’m going to stand back up and continue. You have to crawl before you walk and you must listen to yourself. I’m honored to share my story @tedxdetroit follow their page for updates #motivation


It is finally that time;; a time that I wasnt expecting which as left everyone feeling shocked and waiting for my announcements. I know folks.. you’ve been greeting me in public, sending notes on social media, sharing hugs on the street.

I had my heart in my stomach over the last few weeks making a contemplation on sharing my story with the world.. and I came up with this.

There is a power in story telling; especially when the message is authentic — vulnerable and #realtalk. I recognize the role that I play in other lives of my peers and my colleagues; but better yet – the role that I play for my family as our axis point – I am the one that everyone is leaning on to go deeper; and be positive influence with my voice. If I’m going to do it; there’s no reason why you cant do it too. Im using my resources & tools to go after it.

I certainly don’t get everything that I want; but I will tell you this – people will remember stories that share pain even when its hard to hold a smile to speak on it.. my story was served to fulfill a purpose in the audience of TedxDetroit.

We cried, laughed, raved and held respect to one another. Ive been holding my breath wondering whats going to happen when this goes online.. but I will say -even if you dont agree with my values or my accent; at least I had the courage to speak on it.

Taking risks; charming each other and sharing — is how we can relate to what we are ALL going thru.

The journey continues…