Sweet Life — That Comes With Not-So-Sweet Experiences ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿคฌ [Rant]

melissa divietri travel

Traveling can be a total bitch for anyone… but imagine hauling a 70LB suitcase full of medical supplies around the world — and it gets lost.. along with the rest of your luggage..oi!

I love to travel – it is a dream for anyone to have the opportunity to see the world… and the world is my oyster. But I need extra pieces of luggage to haul medical supplies from America to wherever I am going… you cant buy these products anywhere else.

melissa divietri travelmelissa divietri travel

As a disabled patron, I enjoy the following (when traveling in airports)
– paying the extra baggage costs
– having to re-explain what is inside the luggage
– watching people look @ me like Im a crazy for having a huge suitcase
– making me feel like I’m an entitled b*tch for my travel
– the awkwardness of people’s reactions when the suitcase is bigger than my body

None of anyone’s business how I do my day-to-day life – you get to see or enjoy what I put online, not by your expectations… just mine. That’s the reality of it — and I didn’t even want to write this blogpost but I need some additional support of record for the aircraft that I have issues.. and hopefully some type of compensation for their bad excuses for losing 6 pieces of luggage.. SIX!
melissa divietri travel

I pay more for extra handling & charm the empathy stories to have extra travel tags on my suitcases for priority.. does it sound like a seamless process? Yes – but mistakes always happen.

Our luggage was lost

No clean clothes, medical supplies or toiletries for 3 days – it was annoying as fuck and total hell trying to communicate with the airline on where-abouts. The airlines didnt offer a compensation or any vouchers for the mis-handling. I started to fill out the paperwork – but who knows how long that will take and if it gets to the right person.

I thought I was about to lose my sh*t ๐Ÿ˜ก because I couldnt get thru to anyone – timezones / language barriers / priority means what exactly?

What do these words mean to you? Priority — VIP right? no.. doesnt matter
melissa divietri travel problems

And beyond all of this bullsh&t with losing our luggage, before we even enjoyed our journey… I had to climb Mt Everest to get into the plane.. the aircraft didnt have a lift system ๐Ÿ˜ก

melissa divietri travelmelissa divietri travel

I will reach out to Aer Lingues via phone & email every 7 days for one month total – if they do not respond to my lost luggage nightmare, I will destroy them on social media. The power of influence.