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Social Media Marketing Online MUSIC Venues

Marketing a business to be noticed in the digital media environment may require a few extra steps. By promoting the venue on many different social media platforms, larger networks can interact or engage with the promotion. I use my social media platforms on a daily basis for almost everything. I read my news on Twitter or Facebook; I look at Snapchat to check on my friend’s lives, Foursquare is how I find things, Google+ is perfect for search engine optimization, Instagram lets me see what places my friends are going or who they were chilling with … the list goes on .. forever. I am located on MANY social media platforms including mobile, web, video and off-line marketing.

This post demonstrates how social media marketing can be used with cross media integration. There are step-by-step visuals to show the process to advertising venues within online communities. Using  mobile applications like Foursquare, Facebook or SongKick can be effective to share venues to networks on multiple layers.

LIVE Music at Mill Creek Tavern

One of my friends, who graduated from Ferris State, invited me out for a live music session after my encaustic painting course at Kendall in downtown Grand Rapids. I brought my roommate along to journey this entertaining journey of art & music.

Drew Behringer hosted a LIVE Music Set at the Mill Creek Tavern in Comstock, Mich. Mill Creek Tavern is a smaller, friendly bar that had an enjoyable atmosphere for friends & families to enjoy dinner, watch a sports game or endure after-work drinks.

I travel to a lot of different places around areas in Michigan to be more social & become familiar to better networking. I decided to research a bit of the Mill Creek Tavern before joining my friend at his music session. I used different interactive media platforms to post on multiple social media sites in real-time messaging. I wanted to share a few of my tactics with my network on social media marketing for music venues.

Mobile BrowsingI searched the tavern using “Google Maps” application on my iPhone by I typing “Mill Creek Tavern” into the search bar & selected the correct listing. As the listing opened into a new browser window, a call-to-action button that displayed “MENU” – I opened the mobile friendly menu to view the different items on the list. My roommate and I decided to enjoy dinner at this venue after spending a few hours in Grand Rapids doing different things.

First impression of the bar was quite impressive. The food was terrific; I ordered the Southern Chicken Wrap with “Tavern Fries” – these curly, delicious ‘potatoe-type’ fries.

Snapchat VideoSnapchat Video/Photo Application I like to keep my friends “in the know” of what I am doing, where I am going & who I am meeting with. This real-time marketing is very crucial to staying in close relations with friends, families & followers when there may not be a lot of time to reach out. Snapchat is a video/photo application on my iPhone that allows me to “snap” photos or short length videos and send to different friends on my contact list. Once the “snap” has been opened by the user who received the data, it will no longer exist in the newsfeed UNLESS I upload the video or photo to “My Story.” My Story is an easy way to basically send a mass text message to everyone in the contact list without having to select each individual name. The snap only exists in the “My Story” log for short period of time.

You may add my username @missydi on Snapchat, but if I do not add you back; don’t be offended. Sometimes I only check my friend requests every month because the list is ridiculously long.

Snapchat is an easy way to share information on what you are doing to a community in a social media environment.

Foursquare Check InSocial Media Advertising This LIVE Music venue was advertised in many different places for tonight’s performance with Drew Behringer. I logged into my Foursquare mobile application to “check-in” the Mill Creek Tavern. Checking-in means that your social media network can see your location if you want them to know you are at that business. Foursquare is helpful to search for bars, restaurants or things to do. There are many effective features such as menus, directions, pictures and reviews.

Songkick Music EventPlease notice the small red box with a star going through the center. This icon displays an event has been created for the live music session. If you click onto the icon, a box will appear that has quick view details about the event. is sponsoring this cross media integration with Foursquare. If you click on the pink link that says SongKick another window will appear in your mobile browser.

Drew Behringer The detail about the venue are included in this webpage that is powered by You may click “Im going” which will prompt your Facebook login to share with your network from this page. This is another example of using cross media integration with different social media platforms. Notice this Foursquare app is still running this integration so I have not left the application into the Safari browser. When you scroll down this page a bit more, there are social media sharing widgets that connect to other platforms. By sharing this venue with your network, users can write reviews or listen to Drew’s music.


Foursquare Tip

I enjoyed this venue so much that I wrote a tip on the Foursquare check in to promote LIVE music & good vibes!Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 1.04.43 AM

I wanted to see what this SongKick page looked like when it was posted on my Facebook feed. I opened the link to see upcoming shows and venues to follow “Drew Behringer”. This is very impressive social media marketing using Foursquare & I am able to see that I checked into this view, my username appears on the right hand corner “1 person was there” I can RSVP for future events or share to my social media platforms.

This is just a tad bit about the research that I conduct when I am in a social environment. I am very curious to see how many different platforms a venue, business, service or person can be found online. I like to post to multiple layers of my networks so that different users can react or engage with my publishing. Real time is key — keeping your users in the “now” exactly when it is happening — will more likely create a better relationship for continuous trafficking.

Drew and I