Roses on Random Nights

Life of of missydi

Roses on Random Nights 🌹

I love being gifted roses during the most random moments because it’s kind / surprising and my favorite flower ,, of course!!

A bartender made a ring out of a straw + placed on my hand in Bali. I loved it!wore with pride the whole weekend🇮🇩 this was my villa in Bali; pictured before the garden & art installment- one of my best friends Tristan brought this home to life during my absence 🖤❤️

I feel like i have lived thru twenty persons lifetimes from all my travel stories .. zipping around the world!

Im feeling a bit flustered & sickness from not having a stable space. That happens when you work full on in the entertainment industry +++ that comes with sacrifices & advantages…

Missing sunset views like these, of course. Hitting the beach with my homeboy Rainer from Perth… life was so simple when you didnt have a watch.. just secret beaches && coconuts delivered to your villa 🥥

I certainly wish I would have cherished my gems 💎 while i had them… as they were presented in front if me.

because now that im looking back, i would have done things alot differently and been more vulnerable to people who were surrounding themselves in my circle ⭕️ i didn’t realize until years later, of failed friendships and relationships; that people were actually trying to be in my presence 👊

Maybe its a detroit thing.. or maybe a Scorpio trait ♏️ either way, ive always had closed doors until someone stuck around long enough to try to open them.

We all deserve a happy / healthy life…
But digging after the ‘next fix’… naw that’s not really my thing.

I present myself properly so that i am not undervalued or never under appreciated… “it takes a village” ☀️ #realtalk

Life of of missydi
Life of of missydi
Life of of missydi
Life of of missydi