Remote Work Tips – How to get Money back

melissa divietri medellin

We are all faced with staying inside; to be safe – be righteous and wait for this serious virus to calm down. While you’re adjusting your work space to be in your home space; you might be faced with cash problems.. I know, I am.

Don;t allow fear or panic to control you – that’s the basis. Get on the phone, contact your credit card company to speak with a representative. Be patient.. I waited on hold for 2 1/2 hours to be told that I was directed to the wrong department.. then forced to call after hours – 10PM to wait another hour. But I resolved it; and that time on the phone saved me $69.00 plus they dropped my APR by 1%.. see why it pays off to be nice, and chill.

I spoke to my bank yesterday; asking for guidance on overdraft fees; explaining my situation being abroad. Huntington reversed them; sending back a total of $75.00 — wow!

I’m tedious, im motivated, im living dollar to dollar.. so I look into other resources (my mail) to see if I’ve overpaid anything. Yes, I have. I overpaid medical supplies by $296.00 – wow – what an amount. I contacted J&B Medical Supply provider in Wixom; to ask about this. The patient billing department called back within 30 minutes; and send the funds to my credit card.


melissa divietri medellinmelissa divietri cocomelissa divietri coco

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