Hardships of Remote Work in Cuba

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Simple.. stable internet doesn’t exist because of limitations but that shouldn’t defer you from enjoying the gorgeous country of Cuba… come for a holiday.

Cuba Adventures – Part 1 – Internet?

I walked for hours around Havana seeking Internet cafe, small restaurants or some opportunity for a hotspot. I found a few solutions to accessing internet however I wouldn’t recommend spending your days attempting to get connection; use your time wisely by enjoying the culture.

What are the options for internet?

1. Internet Card: The best option is to buy an internet card from a hotel and utilize in an area that allows to do so. I purchased my first internet cared for $3.50 for one hour of internet use from Hotel de Turismo.. and the staff directed to use at another hotel – San Felipe Hotel – which was two blocks further down the park. The internet card is called Nauta — where you simply type your username and password to access connection. I don’t recommend streaming anything because many of major website are blocked from access.

Experienced Travel Tip #1: Do not buy internet cards from the street -I bought one in the park.. and the guy would not leave me alone lol.

2. When booking online, (for hotels) select the option “here for work” or review internet connection (on Airbnb).

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3. Utilize the parks for internet — this way, you won’t have to pay for food or drinks while using your internet card when browsing the web.

Why is internet limited? Because Cuba is intensely controlled by the government – there are many restrictions when accessing popular webpages. I receive multiple error messages when browsing accommodations or trying to upload content for my clients.

You can read up online about more internet options but this is what I’ve learned so far.. come to enjoy Cuba for all that this country offers.

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