Pre-Birthday Madness in Medellin

melissa divietri medellin

For my birthday – We went to Claptone!

im sorry i may have been a lil brat in all my communication today – but dealing with the police, office, bank, new apartment, raining, meetings, more client breakups, new appointment settings, airbnb, sleeping at friends, – yaah; trying to get all the annoying emails and reports done as quickly as possible today – wheres my pen, b*tch im signing – ill pay – just go away lol too much b.s – no graciasss – my real bday (nov 2) is going to be epic, all this adulting – is done (one half a day and its done_ #bossbabe ; but real talk, letting go of the very last bit of my agency before the 3-0 birthday and only keeping the bare – much easy to manage with less point persons.

update on the living situation after the dipstick tried ot break in on Friday in Medellin — MY NEW LOFT is 300x better in every single way for my living situatiion. 💗💗💗 I was completely stressed at the last hotel; every night was prostitution, crazy MF trying to break into my home while i was in the shower, terrible internet and worstt location you could imagine for this price — plus the property manager was a total douche – he knows it. I called him an a$shole and told the staff to go off.. ANYTHING could have happened to me and you all know how these countries work. I need protection; this is real life. Airbnb refunded my entire stay & put me back into a new location almost immediately! They were so worried for me; but I was not trying to trip out during my music festival weekend; — My family in MDE celebrated Claptone in the Botanical Gardens for myyy birthdayyy – girl, is almost 30! wth. SO I ignored all the things and did them today in half day – not even pressing about it!


M E D E L L I N . – COL <3

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oh my goodness – thank you for all the help moving — all the family in Colombia that did this for my so quickly – your resources! nora, paola, jose, juan pablu, juli! todo todoo! thank you for moving me outtt and puttiing me in a safer place. Helps when you have real close people that will take care of those things for you <3 graciias para dios -- Private, Secure, Family Building -- No friggin parties, unless they are mine. Colombiia goes too harddd for me. -- my lease is up on Nov 15th so I need an extend or another view; depends on the vibes tho right? sure does >

Got a nice upgrade in Medellin, Colombia before my real birthday comes in – next weekend! I turn 30 on Day of the Dead; my favorite day in the world. My girlfriend is going to do my hair and make-up for this beautiful day;; going to be looking like CATRINA – boss babe.

melissa divietri medellinmelissa divietri medellinmelissa divietri medellinmelissa divietri medellin

Pre Birthday Festivities

Claptone Festival

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