Now we on the right track ☑️☑️

Life of of missydi

Now we on the right track ☑️☑️

There have been certain things shared by individuals that have provided enough confirmation that the spiritual world is empowering my voice #heavensent#nosurprise

💎💎 I’ve passed the tests, delivered – have I not? I dont run away from responsibilities ☑️

Im still broke as F, 😆 Ill never know what a real bank statement looks like.

no one lives in my headspace, yet thousands of thoughts passing thru my brain and Im still getting up to beat the damn door down every day! 💥 shuffling all these roles and responsibilities requires the hardest damn days ;;; it’s heavy; everyday, not a single break; not one. No days off even when I cry for them, can’t let go… every when the noise tells me to switch gears. This is my life; you dont like it- leave and close the door on the way out. The amount of eyes and energy will continue growing stronger so let’s use it as power! I wave 👋🏻 I wonder what life would be like if I wasn’t permanently disabled *read that again*

My angel wings have been resting; this is just the beginning— been years of cultivating the strength from the mind twists. My mind is so intense from the psychological levels of my disability suit; im real with it! ☑️ facts

im forced to run it every single day; there are no days off from the emotional rollercoaster. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I can control that responsibility; can you say the same of being true to yourself?