New Year Glam

melissa divietri disability

The new year is here. My original plan for the rebirth of a new year was to land in a different country.

Plans have since changed and it makes me so sad for this but I need an extra week to get my finances together and prepare myself for leaving the states for five months. A lot of work in the beginning but once you get down there things start to happen, which is why I don’t stress.

I am telling myself that I need to set goals that are reachable and uplift others. Take each day as a moment by moment; and not push more than can be expected. I’m trying to process it all; still have faith and remain confident even when I feel like giving up.

Just another day in the life of obstacles and assortments to get health care coverage. From approval process to denial letters; and follow up messages to state that I need to do it all over again.

Im jumping thru hoops of fire to make possibilities happen for myself and my condition.