Meditation Speaks For Itself

Melissa DiVietri

Meditation speaks for itself— i spent two hours in the sunshine planning my entire week 👊 so much is going on, not one slip up😉 please??? At least im inspired.. that’s half the battle bby.. between the shooting near my home ok Saturday at the Coney Island.. and the break into my apartment last weekend… offffff!! U know why they say ‘its cold in the D, baby!!!’ It can be 97degrees F and the City be cold as F.. cold hearted .. watch your six!!! #detroit

art gallery

Overlooking The View Of My Apartment

Overlooking the view of my apartment — oh yes, three art galleries in Parque Lleras; how many folks you know that can manage that? With limited Spanish ** at the time. Yah. totally badass. I’m so sad that my memories are strapped in a storage unit; but for now – its the best that I […]


Can Anyone In Detroit Babysit My Little Nugget Tomorrow?

Can anyone in Detroit babysit my little nugget tomorrow? I need to be in Ann Arbor for a few hours but I don’t want her to be home alone —-she’s super easy, sleeps a lot   View this post on Instagram   Can anyone in Detroit babysit my little nugget tomorrow? I need to be […]

melissa divietri

Been Keepin The Creative Juices Flowing

Been keepin the creative juices flowing. Had a wonderful weekend with my best friend, Slayed on the paint💯 we spent hours talking about our goals and dreams for the next few months and years. I love being able to openly share my emotions and what I want to do with my life. And not face […]

Selina Medellin

Have To Admit That Selina Medellin Took Advantage Of my Lil Cuteness; My Sweetness.. Everything!

Have to admit that Selina Medellin took advantage of my lil cuteness; my sweetness.. everything! However they actually taught me some valuable lessons in international business / culture differences. I hosted a beautiful abstract artist studio for months in this cute ass hostel in Medellin. Threw some BANGERS in the club and live art shows […]

melissa divietri

Eat Your Heart Out ❤️ Don’t Let Fear Destroy You

Eat your heart out ❤️ don’t let fear destroy you. The best way to fuel creativity is with healthy habits + good people who can bring you higher. #realtalk Some unexpected events have suddenly forced change of habits in my life. There are too many things to explain; i miss moments .. not people. I miss feelings that were […]