Live it Up


My heart is torn between two parts of the world; Detroit & Medellin but really when you think about it ;; four places- including Bali & Barcelona because I can still feel making  memories & experiencing life – problems, stories, friendships, saving the planet, you name it.

As I roll out to Colombia to reside in Cartagena > Medellin > Bogota > Cali > Cucuta — I’ll be living from two suitcases, a Pioneer controller and chihuahua to keep my minimal life – feeling full. 

So as you see me run across South America; just remember the sacrifices that I’m taking to hop on the tarmac. Leaving my boyfriend, family, friends, gurl squad, crew ; to live alone on the go – working online ; no health insurance, no plans of permanent housing – couch surfing they call it, no Real idea on what to expect for this journey back to Colombia. But I love it; the thrill and hustle and mentality of not knowing what I am going to do tomorrow. 

Since I have a good relationship with my client; and I am dedicated to her as the marketing director – I work around the clock to improve my skills and learn new technology advancements so I can stay sharp and on all the ball. 

“I spend every productive hour behind the screens; and every moment of darkness on the dance floor. “ MD

 If you could only pick two – which would you select?  Because you cant have em all. 

Travel, Love, Career, Family

Someone told me during university; when I was growing, “ you cant have your cake and eat it too.” 

Me: “yes, I sure can” lol.

And still valid – I’ve been manifesting for all the things that I want in my life. I am visualizing the type of guy that I want in my world; my work projects, family time, event planning, travel goals… I literally live like tomorrow its gonna be over. Because it sometimes feels like it.

Cheers to my heart & soul; Detroit City — Cheers to the Next Level Shit;

2020 im coming for ya. Cheers mom / dad & family <3