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Life Style

Blond::ish — “ I put a spell on you – with intention of mine, im holding you down “ 🔊💚#musicislife


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Blond::ish — “ I put a spell on you – with intention of mine, im holding you down “ 🔊💚#musicislife

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Art For Sale – Name Price

Name Price :: Art Needs to Sell If you are interested in any of my abstract pieces or would like custom artwork, please email at your soonest convenience. Accepting commission projects between $100-$3,000 in commission work; 5 day turnaround with 10-12 day delivery. THANK YOU. <img src=”×768.jpg” alt=”melissa divietri art” width=”640″ height=”480″ class=”alignleft size-large […]

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VLOG – What happened to me on Sept 18th

I am successful now because it was hard to grow up with a condition. Me: Why do people stare at me? Mom: Because you are beautiful. Never a dull moment in the life of missydiiiiiii — I am really trying hard to find ways to find money, honey. Thinking about all of the things that […]

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See That’s A Down B!tch

Funny how I continue to carry the weight on the shoulders; even after I loosen up my grip – I still have all the chat in my ear like – “tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk” I almost MUST require a second name to do business as an alias; you know? Like someone […]

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My base in Medellin, Colombia

You’ll have to excuse my homesick attitude from being in the cold lately. Just dreaming about being an Equator baby with my sun tan in Medellin, Colombia- however I know I will miss the gotham-like architecture in Detroit. So Im soaking up the moments before they pass by me.   Friendships come natural to me; […]

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Melissa DiVietri & Badskoba @ Di-Techno collab

Listen to my techno music collab with DJ Badskoba of Norway on MIXCLOUD. Listen to our music collaboration, share and enjoy. Subscribe for more music // MIXCLOUD


boy toys

This blog stems from this original —>> VLOG – What happened to me on Sept 18th let me present dipshit #1 – swiped the wrong way on Hinged                                               Let me present – […]

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Gorgeous 😍

From Medellin to Bogota to Cartagena to the coast of El Salvador in El Tunco.. Home girlllll (myself) has been around the block; beach; bar; boy toy – whatever travel life story that you want to call it. It wouldnt be right to say that I dont change my personality based on my environment. Think […]

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Visiting Our Neighbor Across The Pond – Canada

Did you know there is a tunnel bus that will take you to Canada for $5? Its hard to catch it because DDOT isnt really equipped with laying out the signs in Detroit LOL but it’s worth the journey if you want to make a business across the pond for a reasonable transportation price. My […]


Weekend Warrior – Stacked

I completely hit a wall on Saturday; like BOOM – KO, knocked out. While I was waiting for friends to arrive from Ann Arbor to go to a music festival in Detroit; I cuddled up with my chihuahua — no phone; it was lost at the time; but it has been found since then. What […]