I’ve been preaching this mindset every other day

Life of of missydi

Ive been preaching this mindset every other day (it feels )🌹

Even after an 80 hour week on my feet, on the phone with caseworkers, in the email with government officials && on social networks with family & friends…. I still get myself together with the hair + eyes… on point! 💎 i dress like a tripper on purpose— my life feels like a movie; with an unwritten script; I attract the misfits & unique conversations ! Blessed 🖤🖤

You’re never guaranteed tomorrow… and apparently not promised clients or friendships or partner.. or relationships… or money.. or honey

I live for myself… the ‘once in a lifetime’… not a ‘once in a million.’

#bebold be unique— be pure

No one has the power to control your feelings && who you let into your space.

I take care of my business // my health insurance status // my outreach // my passion projects… and i still havent complained about anything that feels ‘unfair’

Who are you to feel differently from the rules.. and life obstacles

If you want that ‘once in a lifetime’ you gotta get it. And i mean run for it x because all i can see from my point of view…is the line at the end… shining so bright ☀️

Patience is worth the risk… and all the things that feel messy; the uncomfortable conversations === mean you are growing!! Let it be known && worth the wait — #elevate your mindset to its full potential— seek out that dream life & continuing rising up 👑 lead by example & keep that smile on.. i dont care if its a resting bitch face; dont let your guard down but never let anyone see you defeated—- dont give them that power!!!

2020 – we came and fkked it up

Life of of missydi
Life of of missydi