Into the forest – Electric Forest 2019


Only managed to enjoy one night into Electric Forest because of work schedules.. After casually finding a camping spot, hustled our way to the entry to only have our wristbands cut off from “third party” purchasing…Kinda deserved it actually – my sidekick was hustling for them at $80 a pop – so annoying actually.

I didnt drive halfway across the state in a red wig & holographic body suit to be stopped at the front door *snaps* I snuck in like a rebel; but karma bite our asses and the car wouldnt start the next morning. A kind gentlemen in our ADA camping site, also deaf, saved the day to find a gal to jump the battery. He was the real moment of my Electric Forest adventure.. how he could understand everything that I was saying by my expressions and body language. He used his hands slowly and I followed perfectly. Then we got to chatting; the festival doesnt prepare for interpreters unless requested; and whose to say you’ll find them on the stage or there will be a designated area to say HEY IM HERE. Completely unfair to seek out for accommodations when theres no mobile service for communication or any type of tagging on the maps to show where the interpreter will stand. Say what the..? How do you enjoy it really?

I guess moments like those — when youre forced to find ways of means.. thats apart of the journey.

Needless to say; the journey is always worth it.. depending on what you make out of it. EF is completely different than when I attended with my crew during Rothbury.

electric forest