Is This A Creative Thing To Have Insomnia?

Melissa DiVietri

shouts to the moon for being so beautiful… guiding me home… making sure I was safe & sound.. looking all beautiful in the sky… ??? and all my night owls who cannot sleep either.. is this a creative thing to have insomnia? Or 1,000 things on your mind tooooooo???? .. over analyzing every detail lol yup sounds like an artist thing #moonlight 🌙 shine on me how the sun does in the morning!! 😍😍😍

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I’ve Never Experienced Pain Like This

( REPOST ) I’ve never experienced pain like this 🌀I’ve never been this exhausted to the point where I couldn’t open my eyes. stress! 🌀 i’ve never been beaten so bad that my body won’t take CBD or any topical’s to soothe the pain. 🌀 i’ve never stopped off the side of the highway so […]

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And Next Up 💥💥💥 The Uphill Battles That I Have Been Climbing Since I Entered This Beautiful World

And next up 💥💥💥 the uphill battles that i have been climbing since i entered this beautiful world. Ive been carefully crafted by the Gods; who empowered my mindset with a creative skill… making manipulations in abstract art. 💜💜💜Abstract art is the MOST vulnerable style in the art game 💪🏼 you really need to be […]

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Here To Save #detroit & The Rest Of The World!

Here to save #detroit & the rest of the world! Educate, don’t discriminate #disabilityawareness month is here! 💜💜 Hear me out—> For 16 years, i would never embrace a mirror.. i was unfit and unhappy for my size, but i learned how to wear my heart on my sleeve. My scars define my battles; and my mindset is beyond […]

melissa divietri detroit

October Is #disabilityawareness Month

October is #disabilityawareness month / snaps! 💜💜 you’re gonna get blown with posts + pics everyday around this! #DisabilityAwarenessMonth 💯 here we go!! ive decided to create a non profit towards sharing experiences and stories about the #realtalk feels of having a condition / physical disability/ whatever you want to label ‘this badge of honor’ ___ i call it! 👑 […]

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Late Nights.. Late Nights.. Night Owl Life

Some days, I just wanna leave the bullshit at the door and walk in with grace. I want relieve from my stress; hows that work with a physical disability though? I cant turn this off; my life is on the edge from every obstacle — waking up; to putting it down. I’m working my body […]