Is This A Creative Thing To Have Insomnia?

Melissa DiVietri

shouts to the moon for being so beautiful… guiding me home… making sure I was safe & sound.. looking all beautiful in the sky… ??? and all my night owls who cannot sleep either.. is this a creative thing to have insomnia? Or 1,000 things on your mind tooooooo???? .. over analyzing every detail lol yup sounds like an artist thing #moonlight 🌙 shine on me how the sun does in the morning!! 😍😍😍

disability awareness

Just feel like some crazy lady with a tripod😻 #disabledtravel 

Just feel like some crazy lady with a tripod😻 #disabledtravel  There’s nothing easy about traveling internationally, and it’s even more difficult #disabled There’s always an ‘issue’ because I’m different with unique needs #disabilityawareness #disabled I love being the only person that looks like me #disabledandcute Doing my best living day by day 💋❤️ #disabilityawareness

Disabled artist

My disability suit is a blessing that feels like at times; “a curse.”

My disability suit is a blessing that feels like at times; “a curse.” Anywhere / everywhere that I go… I am trapped by the net of eyeballs that are always watching me…. With curiosity or just plain stupidity… like say something would you! 1 second is OK but 10 seconds and the elevator stare… it’s […]

disabled and cute

This is me… full body cuteness + disabled. #disabilitylife

This is me… full body cuteness + disabled. #disabilitylife I call my forearm crutches, my swords for armor in battles with walking #disabilityawareness My disability is my gift. I connect with people on a deeper, personal level. #disabilityawareness My disability is called ‘sacral agenesis’ .. the pain is manageable 🥴 #disabilitylife I was born with a disability that consumes […]


In the end, we remember the most beautiful soul

Melissa DiVietri · Disability Awareness: I am Disabled & Cute This is my first full body video that I created for the Internet. My physical disability pushed me from excepting my differences. In the end…. It comes down to mind, body & soul, is that right? You are only free as you think you are.. […]

disabled and cute

Disabled and Cute

Being disabled has never staffed me from living my life to its full potential.😍😍