Im Sorry That I Cant be The Person You Want Me TO Be

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There are a million things running thru my mind… all the time. That is just what it is.

WHich is why I love abstract art… I can control, manipulate and clash colors to piece something together in a way that is absolutely beautiful. My paintings are the core to my heart…

The Things That Matter The Most

Might not be the things that matter the best for you.
You have to step aside what is best for yourself and focus on what you need to do.

To Do Things That Are Unheard Of

Take risks.. accept set-backs, move forward but also push harder than you’ve ever imagined. You will get to exactly where you wanyt to be, if you put 100… no 110% in every action that you make. You woke up today.. you have life in your body. What is your problem?

Im over it 👌 because apparently it didnt exist from the get-go. #doyou

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There are many, many people that have real time struggles.. ya know? Homeless, no income, health is bad… cant get out of bed. yet you probably sit there and have something to complain about because shit isnt going your way.. Maybe a flat tire or a bad grade on a paper for school.. but really, what is the overall accomplishment if you are constantly bitching about dumb shit. Just accept that it is an obstacle and you have to work harder for it.

The last 30 days, I had a grocery list of struggles.. that really make me put life into perspective.
– my grandfather passed away
– two clients of mine split apart to host social in-house
– spent a fortune on a deposit for a 3 year villa
– ran out of medical supplies & had to fly to America to refill
– found out some heavy shit about my family
– broke my crutch, but can still maintain the walking

These obstacles are just stepping stones. Face that obstacle head on, and turn the stone over when it’s done.

You have to work hard.. every single day. Push yourself to be better than you were yesterday. Do the impossible so you can have the possible.