I wonder if ill ever have the same feels about my home state

Life of of missydi

I wonder if ill ever have the same feels about my homestate 💎

Detroit was the rock that I needed to have strength to take on the rest of the world. 🤜🏻🤛🏻

My love / hate relationship with the city 🌃 3-1-3 … only detroiters would really understand what I am stating.. the mindset.

Im holding my breath as i say this😅 but i miss the views of Gotham City; it’s always painful starting over but i didnt really expect that id miss the concrete jungle like this.

The hustle… that move & shake. I close my eyes and see Woodward Avenue with the craziness that keeps the movement — there’s no city that can replace the void that im housing .//. and then I wake up and the dream is over. Back to reality.

My chapter has closed… and im afraid it will be only open for a short period next year (april to end of may).

I am proud to have planted my feet in the D… and im even more honored to share this next bit of news. I Will leave a legacy for an all ages music & art festival in May 2021 in downtown Detroit… self funded with art installations from Oaxaca, Mexicoooo – this will be my gift to Detroit 💎 for giving me strength thru all of my doubts.

You can take me outta the D… but my spirit remains; it is the time for gifting && giving.

Life of of missydi
Life of of missydi
Life of of missydi