I dont live a split life, I split my lifestyle

melissa divietri

My biggest fear: that I am going to CONTINUE growing into a person that Im proud of; and many might not understand why Im changing because they aren’t able to emphasize with what i have going on. They see the snaps of my gems when I feel like documenting my journey; but then there’s a whole nother 90% of behind the scenes with the struggles / challenges and the risks that I am continuously taking with my friendships, relationships, family, finances, time, money / honey / jobs – opportunities; how I could sit here and write a book on the up’s & down’s of all the bullshit that I have to cover up – just to show you only the beautiful moments.

I don’t live a split lifestyle.. I split my lifestyle to fit into what I want as a person.

melissa divietri medellin

Ive been asked a dozen times; what I would give up to have the most desired thing in my life; my fear in this moment; is sharing this information to you. It should be obvious that my biggest desire is to walk / run / jog / hop / dance around – but I just cannot reimagine my life any other way than it is now. Id never have the things around me; if I didnt have the experience of my journey to walk one day.

– How I earned my first art gallery: i was walking when a rainstorm came out of nowhere on Calle 10 in Poblado, Medellin. The owner of a gallery speaking Spanish to me; shuffles me inside his gallery to keep me out of the rain..

– How I found my airbnbs: signs and shuffles based on vibrations; tackling security and insecurities until I felt like I was able to stay grounded

melissa divietri medellin

Why Colombia?

Danger / Fear / Language / Culture / Excitement / Latin America / Beauty / Heartbreak.. I’ve been thru it all.
melissa divietri medellin

Why not… because this is most gorgeous place in the world (besides Detroit of course). Dont get me wrong; I love living in my city ; but there’s something about the thrill of being on the edge of an unknown country looking for the next opportunity. I am a visionary. I need to be surrounded by beauty in order to feel beautiful. I continue working on my body ; my heart ; my wants / and needs – but I will always desperately want to walk and move properly; that is a dream that may never come true.

But I tell you what. I never thought Bali, Colombia, Spain, Amsterdam, South Korea etc; would ever see the day of my face.. and I planted those seeds; jumped on the tarmacks and added those country stamps to my passports.

Have faith; God has a plan. <3 - Meli melissa divietri medellinmelissa divietri medellinmelissa divietri medellinmelissa divietri medellinmelissa divietri medellinmelissa divietri medellinmelissa divietri medellin