I ask myself every morning “Why even try… wake up and do the thing..”

Life of of missydi

I ask myself every morning “Why even try.. wake up and do the thing..”

Just to repeat it all over again the next day… and the next day.. and the next? Terrible to feel that Im repeating the same day over & over without gaining some value. 😟😟😟💧I miss the days of enjoying other people’s presence to share thoughts & growing from learning with story sharing. My business is my business; and your business is yours. However; I cant help to think that everyone has similar feelings of loss without gain.

Unfortunately; and unforgivably (is a word?) there is a lot of heavy that comes across my day.. because of the person that I am responsible to be. My mission; that I accepted from God. My golden bubble can only do so much…. My angels can only block so much. There’s a lot of bad spirits round these parts these days.. bad attitudes and bad motions. Why be envious when you can be chill? Cuidate.

Sometimes I let them win; because I enjoy fighting + talking shit. I get off too it. “Line em up.“ That’s how I roll out – that one person is gonna get the crazy that’s been building all day. Pew Pew, it’s something that I look forward to; disgusting, right? Im learning to stop bringing down.. when I can rise up.. be the leader that you / him / her / they / need.

This wonderful soul fell into my world tonight; as if I was calling for his presence/// Austin was sharing with me tonight. “For without the pain; we cannot realize how much we need ourselves to heal.” He lifted me up… so high telling me that Im this beautiful beacon of hope for our world.

Now I cant be upset that Ive had long days.. because its people like him that balances the magic.. which is quite rare for a connection that now changed my mindset.

Im doing OK, considering. How to keep breathing when I feel like people are holding me down .. and all the sweetness is fading – ill continue rising up to shine on em; as I am dancing circles around them, too. Dont replace my kindness for weakness; im always going to pull a card on em. #DetroitsFinest

Keep Breathing, Love. ✊🏻💓❣️

Life of of missydi
Life of of missydi