Guess Who Family Edition

guess who family edition

Guess Who Family Edition: Do It Yourself

Make a special do-it-yourself project for your family by using the game “Guess Who.” Guess Who is the game where you guess each characters by asking questions. It is a fun game that involves two people to ask questions back and forth.  So here is how you can make a custom “GUESS WHO” family edition to make everyone laugh by leaving lasting memories:

To Start: Take all of the Guess Who characters out of the slots from the original game.. *Don’t be mistaken; there are two versions of “Guess Who” in stores.. make sure to pick up the original. I had to travel the distance to multiple Barnes & Noble in Michigan to find the original game.. I even bought the new version because I thought it would work – but not so well.

Set up characters: Since there are 24 characters on the game boards; I graphically designed 24 family members & pets within our family to utilize as the characters. I had to seriously stalk Facebook for a long time to find good, clear photos. I wrote each of their names under their faces so that they could be easily identified by any members playing the game. I placed the characters 4 across by 6 down to equal 24 members on 11 x 17 tabloid size in Illustrator. I applied this method 3 x’s so the back side of the cards would have a different color.  I cant exactly identify what the final card dimensions size is because I used the internet for that information. And the internet did not provide the right results so I will remeasure what I cut my cards down too.. haha.

It was an easy print at OfficeMax and a quick hour of cutting, placing and taping so the members didnt fall out. You will understand why this happens when you play the original game – it is a bit fragile.

Here are some quick photos from the game boards to give you the idea on how this worked out and if you’d like to do it.

guess who family edition guess who family edition

I taped the back of the game boards because the printer didn’t have thick cardstock. The characters would slide out of the slots – so a bit of scotch tape did the trick until I can incorporate thicker paper.

guess who family edition

I included my siblings, nieces, pets, parents and in-laws within the game board.

guess who family edition

These are the playing cards so you can place them in the character slot.

guess who family edition guess who family edition

Since we played the Guess Who Family edition over Christmas break; there are beautiful holiday decor in the background. Thanks to my mom! <3


guess who family edition

My family played the game for literally – hours. It was such a hit for the holiday. I highly recommend creating something this special for a fun, filled family event.