Get Up & Get Out

Melissa DiVietri

Melissa DiVietri
You know when the seasons change.. and all of a sudden it gets really cold which makes you want to become a couch potatoe? (Okay, well this doesnt apply to West Coast peeps). I’m trying not to get into that mindset — the one where you open the door to go outside and hit with a huge breeze of cold air.. Or when you are so comfy under warm blankets and don’t want to get out of bed. I’m becoming that person right now.. haha. Today, I was on a mission. I was on a mission to run around the city, get errands done and rearrange a room in our condo.

Season Clothes

My boyfriend pulled out all of my fall clothes boxes so I can switch out my summer clothes. Yes, my walk in closet does not fit all of my clothes – I actually have to use 2 closets PLUS I donated 4 bags of clothes to the salvation army this summer because I grew out of them.

I like the optons for accessories – literally one of these boxes is full of hats, scarfs and mittens. Meh – you gotta look good when you’re trucking around in the cold weather. Everything has too match!

Get Up, Get Out

I ran those annoying errands when you run out of laundry detergent, dish soap and all of the above. Why did I decide to do it on a Saturday? Everyone in Metro Detroit was also out — probably running the same errands. The weather was perfect – I pulled out my first fall outfit… burnt orange shirt with cute leggings! Feeling good.

I decided to spoil myself and buy new sunglasses – Aviators. Okay, well the knock offs at Five Below. You know how I am with sunglasses anyway– I get stacks of them for free during the summer at Music Festivals.

Change is Good

With the season changes comes change in my life. I start to get these weather headaches when the sun doesnt come out. I literally have the worst luck with allergies. Anytime it rains or snows.. or even when the sun isn’t out – my entire nasal area thinks it’s time to activate a migraine. I’ve tried EVERY allergy medicine – they all make me feel sleepy.

I wanted to have another room in the condo where I could relax if these headaches pop in. Somewhere that doesnt have a TV, computer or any electronic devices. This room would be a place to relax, think.. or even read. Since I recently closed my art gallery in Detroit – I have a lot of furniture and artwork. I took some of the furniture and paintings and rearranged our second bedroom in the condo. I went on a straight cleaning spree.. adding rugs and throw pillows.

inspiring quote

Favorite Season

Fall — can be perfect. It’s that nice transition from summer to the cold winter. I try to make Fall last as long as possible, especially since it’s my birthday time too.

I will admit that I love the fall weather. Fall is a gorgeous time where all of the leaves change colors to red, orange, yellow, light brown — we have “color tours” in Michigan where you literally drive up north to see the colors change on the trees. Haha.. It’s a tradition in the MidWest. And absolutely GORGEOUS.


For the rest of the evening, I finished up social media reports – connected with my girlfriends to go out tonight and just feeling accomplished in general. I’m trying to be more active on my blog, posting daily on anything really. Business, Life, Something I like / Don’t Like.. it gives me a chance to connect with my friends, family and network on a more personable level.

Happy Saturday.