Get To Know Melissa DiVietri


What ignited the spark in you to start a new business venture or to make significant changes in an existing business? How did the idea for your business come about?

Social media is a niche, every business needs an online presence. But taking it one step further; I’ve developed a digital media agency that focuses on online marketing which is website development, search engine optimization, custom graphic design and brand strategy and social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing is my “bread and butter” – the influencer of city of Detroit, State of Michigan and many advocacy programs. My network extends 535K on 32 social media networks – all hosts the screen name @missydi – Which is what my network calls me 😉

How Did I Start This Idea “Missydi”
The idea came about because I am a self taught developer & designer that started in high school. I took entrepreneurship classes in high school & created my business my Junior year. I picked up clients from high school by designing their business cards or coding Myspace pages (yes, some time ago). I would print notepads, business cards, letter head on actual printing presses. One or two color printing presses with ink, paper and all. There was even a screenprinting area – where I jumped into “MISSYDI” tshirts to brand myself on another level

My cliental grew from entrepreneurs TO small businesses TO mid size businesses TO corporate clients TO enterprise clients and RECENTLY transitioned to Investors. Investors have access to resources, clients, references and training. They have the past experience that I am looking for. 

The spark fueled, and continues to burn, because I noticed a trend in enterprise business owners who needed these digital media services but I wasn’t able to become their full time employee. I could pick up the phone, reach out to the SVP or even secretary and list a few items on the website, Facebook or even search results that would capture their attention.

I would offer consultations for search engine, marketing, website development, traditional, email, and social media strategies. I would research the angle of the business operations, create a target audience model to hone the exact customer to fit the businesses or searches. If you wanted to appear on Google page 1 rankings, I would set up your SEO for you, add keywords, pull an analysis query. If you wanted to send an email blast to all of your subscribers, I would design, build and schedule a template that is customized for your business. If you wanted a marketing campaign to conjunct with a social media strategy, I would research the best platforms – create the content and find new lead generation.

I’ve worked in many corporate agencies where the client had a huge budget…Huge budgets mean I can be very creative about what I put together. My experience extends from Team Detroit / Ford, The Garage / Team Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Google and other fortune 500 companies in Chicago, New York, LA, Virginia and Europe. Ask me for a consultation.

I stick out from the crowd by providing high quality services at affordable rates and custom solutions to improve the online visibility of small businesses. I am focused on national & international businesses who want to take their marketing to the ultimate level WHO WANT TO BE INDUSTRY experts / leaders and influencers. Let’s talk –

Social Media 

32 social media networks – all under @missydi screenname!

Melissa DiVietri