Consider These Moments Golden

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Yes, yet another 3AM blog post — I think best when I’m about to fall asleep and I over analyze everything! I am just hopping from one place to another… constantly without even stopping. When I run into people that remember me, and I can’t remember them – I feel so bad. Earlier today, a friend that I apparently met on Monday this week came up to me and said that I could use his tab to buy my drinks at the Detroit Yacht Club. LOL I’m like ok?

Detroit Networking
I invited a few of my friends in my professional circle to have a private tour of the Detroit Yacht Club. We were guided by two of the most informational tour guides of the Detroit Yacht Club. My friends were very impressed with this private club because it is reasonably cheaper for those under 30 years of age. After the tour, we chilled at the poolside and bar for hours. Detroit is so beautiful – these moments are really the ones that will matter. Relationships take everything to the next level.

Detroit Yacht Club Is Accepting New memberships, Ask Me How To Get Involved #Detroit

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Lately I’ve been hard to reach.. texting, calling or tweeting. I’ve just stopped responding sometimes. There’s so many different things happening in my life that I need some time to sort them all out. Work, Life, Health = Balance. Everything is happening so quickly.. it’s like boom, boom, boom — I’ve been preparing for this. I’ve been ready for this. My network is insane ; they make all of this possible. Over 525,000 accounts connected on 32 social media networks. I am completely aware that everytime I post online, it trickles down to reach hundreds of thousands. Changes, changes – so rapidly but my days turn into hours. I’m telling, I put 100% in everything that I’m doing. Lately, things have been really busy because I’ve been thinking. Sitting down, brainstorming, thinking of creative ideas — I’ve never had time to actually sit down and think about myself. So it feels great.

I hardly keep friends close.. never have time to meet up. Skype has been holding it together for me. I will hop on a video conference with anybody – I like networking with my social media, new investors and so on. It’s just getting harder and harder to maintain it. But I;m at the point now where success is really my only option. I strive to motivate as many individuals as possible. Influence … that’s a goal. 
I haven’t visited with my family in weeks, I miss them so much. I should literally just hop in the car and drive down there for the day. I’m on the 24 / 7 Hustle Tip right now.. my email is going on – ding ding ding.. writing back at 3AM.. girl you still up? Good.. Let’s do work.

Tell them exactly what they want to hear

How about show them what they want to see? I’m more of a visual instructor – pull out the laptop, open a few programs, click a couple things.. and boom. They love it 😀

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