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In the end, we remember the most beautiful soul

Melissa DiVietri · Disability Awareness: I am Disabled & Cute This is my first full body video that I created for the Internet. My physical disability pushed me from excepting my differences. In the end…. It comes down to mind, body & soul, is that right? You are only free as you think you are.. […]

disabled and cute

Disabled and Cute

Being disabled has never staffed me from living my life to its full potential.😍😍

traveling with disability

Life with a disability has taught me patience

Life with a disability has taught me patience for having a gift that only I understand #disabled


Airbnb Hosts Violates Disability Rights But Still Lists Online

Airbnb writes in statements that this host violates accessibility policies by denying entry with my service animal. Where are basic human rights? Listen to these voice recorded notes on the forever long process that it takes to reach someone who will listen to what I have to say. Finally in Part 2; an angel actually […]

disable artist

Stay Resilient

God gives his hardest challenges to his strongest soldiers, don’t give up faith. Feeling colorful + powerful 💎🌶 cute lady! Finding people who are similar to me #disabilitycommunity I wear my sunglasses for security #babyblue I don’t turn my head when I see something wrong, I go straight after it #disabilityrights 👌 I paint myself into the future that […]