dPOP! Culture


dPop! hosted “Workeasy” which was an opportunity to change up your normal routine of where you work for the day. Step outside of the cubicle and try out the funky chairs at dPop!Bring your laptop and whatever youโ€™re working on and come to our workspace for the day.

dPop! – Located in the basement of the Chrysler House – the building I use to work many moons ago. It was such a secretive event that you had to say “workeasy” to the security guards upon entering.

My creative friend, Len Beck of MODEDetroit invited me to try WorkEasy. We invited our friends Nick Konig, Bob Tesh and the list continues. As I posted images of the co working space to my Facebook pages, friends were asking “where are you?” So this led to my next endeavor to invite my network online the next time I go to a co-working space on my “work at home” Fridays/ It gives me an opportunity to still explore Detroit even though I work in Troy, Mi.

Here are some of the images that I captured of dPop! –

12540990_10154566710139863_4061371870333738685_nYes you are seeing this correctly. This is a safe — a highly technical safe in the basement of the Chrysler House. When you walk inside the safe – it turns into a conference room. It’s a bright, white room filled with conference chairs and funky chandeliers.



This location was where my friends and I posted up with my friends.


Have you tried the mustache chair? It’s pretty comfy.


Need a quick break? Try some ping pong.


Here is the beautiful, white conference room. The walls are made of puzzle pieces.


My friends noticed the sound was ghost busters!


Painting – Abstraction.


Great shot — of the safe and conference.





The next WorkEasy is January 22,2016..

Feel free to join me and my creative peeps! It is an excellent opportunity to be inspired by other creative minds. And better yet — Downtown Detroit is coming alive!