Don’t Call Me Baby.

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Today, was the worst for the name calling on the streets in Medellin.. Our internet was not functioning this morning so I had to take my happy ass with my computer a few blocks down the road to a park in Envigado.. I had an important call with my therapist this am.. and yes, I took the call in the park. This guy, just comes right up to me.. 100% – going at it.. telling me all these sweet nothings; while I’m on the phone with my therapist.

dont call me baby
I was supposed toarrive in El Poblado for an appointment in the gallery this afternoon.. but I ended up getting super sick (again) upon arrival in the parking lot to the appt. We were in the parking lot – stokedddd – ready for the appointment – -and my tripper ass had to go into a bar nearby to pull my shit together. I dont know if its my anxiety or my mental breakdown that’s causing all this. It was a four hour episode last night & a few hours the night before in Miami. Sometimes, I cant take ALL the heat in one setting.. getting sick // being harassed // having anxiety attack // and walking up a steep hill for 6 blocks until I reach my destination (with a 35lb computer bag) mind you. Im seeking vacation soon, for a weekend… even though weekends are my best work days. I need something after today. and my frigging g-pen broke today.. so I wasn’t even able to smoke myself out.

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After I had my episode of being sick for the last 2 days … my fault also – I was too much in Miami. I had to walk thru two parks to get to my gallery in Poblado. My current gallery.. the one that I’m moving from tomorrow. I’m walking.. minding my own business. trying to get over the fact that I just got sick very quickly.. because Im on the move with my appointment and I was 8 minutes behind because of traffic. This random guy on the side of the street walk.. just chat chat chat chat chat – amor amor amor amor… I whipped back, “I am not your amor.” And I gave these crazy ass eyes to him…

Not even ONE block down… noviaaaa noviaaa. amigaa chicka..
I WISH that I could pretend that he wasnt talking to me.. but we were on the corner and I was the only one waiting for the light to change.. so annoying. like.. please, I’m not trying to lose my shit in public. Don’t make me feel crazy in Colombia.. I love it here.

Why do men think that is OK to call a female by that tone? It is absolutely disgusting and degrading when its persistent.. like the first time, I heard you.. and I am 100% conscious that this is how they speak all the time. If they are that strong when they first come on to you – I can only imagine how many times each day they try it.

tooo much, no gracias
I cannot tell you how many times each day — I have to put up with it. Colombia men are wayyy more aggressive than any culture that I’ve witnessed.. just coming at it with full force.. like say what? I useto just ignore it.. thought it was cute.. thought it was sweet. But now I am getting annoyed. These guys will tell me that they have multiple girlfriends – always whisper sweet nothings in txt message. Listo… I tried to be like this.. I tried to speak like this in text messages;; and it doesnt work for my style.

the list goes on:




no, those palabras are secreto.. en Estados Unidos. These words mean something completely different where I come from. We don’t give out the words like this unless you have a intention of some sort.

It hasn’t taken my very long to figure out how men act in Colombia.. don’t speak to me like I’m a piece of something that you can enjoy and then dispose when you are finished. I cannot handle when they cat-call and scream out to me.. on the street — at the night club.. amiga… novia… guappaaa (is okay), amorrrrr, loveeeee, babyyyyy – like seriously stop.

why do they speak like this? I’ve gotten to know Paisa– which is the local name for Medellin culture.. Paisa.. its what you call someone from this area… and I witness, watch and study the culture – how relationships move and shake.

My Family Can Call Me Baby

I’m fine with that – that’s acceptable. I love when they call me super sweet words..

but no mas — porfavorrr I am in culture shock mode right now — figuring out how men act — treat women.. and vice versus.. the ladies are no angels – trust me. I am very smart about who stays in my circle.. and how close for information that I will share. Even with my headphones, I have to see the body language — and the bullshit. I’ve actually considered to leave Colombia because the aggressive words are too much for me.. but my Detroit mouth is chat chat chat chat – I’ll snap back. And yah.. sometimes I dont know when I should walk away so this is a problem for me. But I am not interested in the behavior.. treat others how you want to be treated.



be ready if you call me baby again

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believe me when I say.. I play the game better and harder. .I just chose not to act like that. I can get whatever I want with these eyes.. just blink blink — “si baby” sii.. but I’m a classy lady and we dont act out. That’s a skill to be a down bitch .. or a boss bitch.. both mean the same thing. But Im more sophisticated with it.