Miss my CoCo buttercupp

CoCo buttercupp

missing this lil buttercupp – see you tomorrow Miss CoCo #chihuahua


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missing this lil buttercupp – see you tomorrow Miss CoCo #chihuahua

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#30DayChallenge – Day 1 #ISoarWithMissyDI

#30daychallenge 👏🏻🤩👏🏻 I’ve decided to use my missionary powers & social media platform to create a 30 day challenge with my network. Each day, I will be sharing something different to inspire & reflect personal growth- i truly hope that you join along in this 30 day program. You can start any day // doesn’t have […]

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#TuesdayTips Live Streaming – April 14 – Twitch #StayInside

Watch live video from melissadivietri on www.twitch.tv #StayInside #TuesdayTips Live Streaming – April 14 – Twitch #StayInside Join me in this LIVE STREAM on Twitch – Dance, Music, Cowork,Chill: Leave a comment & Share Out #Lifeofmissydi Live Streaming on Twitch 🟣🟪🟣 https://www.twitch.tv/melissadivietri

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Repost // Still Relevant // Cross Point: ✖️my next moves will be my best ones yet… never in my life would i have imagined a world where I travel consistently, host exhibitions & paint with world known artists… (in my spare time). Art isnt my full time- my social media agency & techno label are […]

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Join us for Live Radio on Thursday / Sunday

Thursday / Sunday Radio Show Featuring DJ MissyDI Join us on Sunday, April 12 from 9PM to 10PM EST and second session on. Thursday, April 16 from 9PM – 10PM with DJ Missydi of Detroit, Michigan. Listen to her premiere video on YouTube RSVP on Facebook to watch the stream:

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I’d rather deal with a broken heart than broken dreams

I prayed to God to send a reminder that not ‘all’ is lost; have faith- you can do anything 💃🏻 i looked deeper into that, realizing my healer mentality just wants to save everyone. Had to call my mother to tell her all ‘the things’ about ny missions… she replied, you cant save everyone in […]

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Let me live in my fairy tale of a dream

I won’t sit and preach – because that’s not what you come to my page for.. but I will b!tch. I’m going to bitch because I’ve always done the “I’ve told you this before” — I am adapting to online community building now that we are all in our homes. But what about those poor […]

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Colombia is 🔝 in the shuffle here.. How well I can read people …

Im still astonished that I had a “C” in Communications Class during University days. Im like, oh really lololololol wtf ;; What’s it called when you don’t speak but you have non-verbal cues? Using your eyes …. hands.. shoulders… Colombia is 🔝 in the shuffle here.. How well i can read people … Moving puzzle […]

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Let me go – Gypsy Soul – Medellin

Smiling? I guess that’s what’s nice about mastering a come back. God pushes faith into me. So many times … I just don’t want to do it.. pull up, shake off.. start again. I feel like I’m allowed to be the victim, once? Porfav. Im an Empath; its hard, sensitivity .. because everything surrounding me […]

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Live Stream with Me – on Facebook! Check This!

Come enjoy some jams // with a beautiful view: If you want to continue jamming; here are a few sets