Can’t handle ❤️❤️❤️

Cant handle

Can’t handle ❤️❤️❤️ @embrace.detroit #detroitcity


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Cant handle ❤️❤️❤️ @embrace.detroit #detroitcity

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Nov 30 – A Day to Remember

Running the streets is getting me into trouble; way .. way .. way beyond what I thought Id be stuck in. Nothing legally (thank goodness) just everything in between, apparently. I’m a lil touchy on what to actually express in writing here; but life is forcing me into a new wave that will actually WAKE […]


Morganna to arrive in Detroit

We are proud to announce our DAY OF THE DEAD festivities that will happen in DETROIT MICHIGAN for NOVEMBER 1 and NOVEMBER 2. Check out the webpage at for early bird tickets.

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He Didnt Get A Rose? Bachelorette Here

Im planted in the David Whitney Building; thinking about how my day went out, how things go one way – then turn a corner to go another way. Just my plan, I suppose.. to follow my heart with an open mind and not force things. In this vlog, I’m sharing the ups / downs of […]

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Just staying in my lane – vlog 28

My remote working adventures never seem to amaze me. I have been hopping from place to place – looking for the best deals in coffee and good vibes / ambience. Shinola Hotel Detroit is near the top of my list with the artistic creations that cover the walls, friendly staff and $3.00 coffee :O yes […]

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Keep It Together

There is never a dull moment in my day; really I should be taking more time to talk about things. Recording my screen to share what I do – on a day to day. But I gave up that masterclass bullshit a long time ago because it was time consuming to give every person some […]

woodward dreamcruise

Woodward Avenue – Dream Cruise 2019

Woodward Dream Cruise is the most fascinating time to be in Metro Detroit. The weekend will bring 1 million car enthusiasts to bring their lawn chair to camp on the side of the street. Cars rev up & down the block of Woodward Avenue to share smiles while people snap pix. Had the time of […]


Friday Vibes Be Like

My homegirl and I went out on a prowl last night.. only took 4 different attempts to find a place that was ready for us! LOLOLOL Sugar House – 30+ minutes for a two seat at the bar, and the vibes have changed since the original bartenders are no longer there. Motor City Wine – […]

Street art Detroit

Street art Detroit

Street art #detroit

My HQ Detroit City

My Headquarters – Detroit City

My HQ #detroitcity