In the end, we remember the most beautiful soul


This is my first full body video that I created for the Internet. My physical disability pushed me from excepting my differences.

In the end…. It comes down to mind, body & soul, is that right?
You are only free as you think you are.. freedom is what you make of it. I live in my dreams and live rent free of my pride. I need space to grow without limits. I have face 800 other things that I can’t control because I have a physical disability… my health, mobility, strength, stress, anxiety, pain, helplessness & fear of vulnerability.
That’s why I remain a closed Scorpio… we tend to move more carefully. 🖤
Personally, challenges are what keeps my life interesting but overcoming them has been what makes it purposeful…. But sharing the stories to understand who they’ve touched… wow .. that’s a personal gem for me.
Today was a breakthrough of a personal self assessment where I came into terms of acceptance of my full body figure. I’ve become smarter than the demons in my headspace… a lil manipulator if you’d call it that doesnt let society win or break me down. My closest friends claim me as a Modern Day Medusa, but I haven’t seen the representation of that yet
I recognize that I will always have eyes on me + using that energy to go UP & OUT- I hold many secrets because of this disability suit.
I’m excited to use my professional network to feed & amplify my purpose.
#disabilityawareness #disabledtravel #disabilityadvocate