A little gem found in Miami


Every Single day, I have to wake up and get myself going even when I have no ounce of energy left inside me. My bone density is so weak that it is what happened after menopause and osteoporosis. My diagnostic says bones of a 65 year old woman. I’m one of those special people that you meet in your life with some reason or intention to change. I have that affect on people after they watch me move. It takes me more challenges to get basic things done that the average person can do without any problems.

People Will share their most intimate moments with me, anniversary or things that have happened to them and their families. I am constantly surrounded by unique minds and they’re from different parts of the world. I’ve never been in this position where I can meet hundreds of people in one day and give them some type of value added back. Since I became a proactive street artist in Miami, I am showing people how I paint with my disability.

It’s So much work And heavy lifting. I don’t have a body to be able to move things like that. And I have to ask people for their help and sometimes they don’t follow through or they’re not helpful at all. So I trust in people to be there for me and they were never there. Which is why I choose to remain alone /: single person. Because I like to be able to be on my own time and not have to worry about other people’s happiness or their shit.

I can hardly carry my own. And then I have to dazzle around so many different personalities each day, remaining classy and energetic and fun.

I just want everyone to remember me as I am right now, breaking through the glass. I have put all of my chips in and I have done so much work over the last year, moving across the country twice during the world pandemic. First from Colombia and then to Detroit and now I live in Miami

There is not one short of easy started my journey. And there is no such thing as accessibility down here, I had to tear my body up just to get in and out of the building and then when I’m trying to move myself around a large canvas or mural, I never complain about anything. I put my chin up and I go into battle 💕💕