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Announcements Coming Soon

May the rotation around the sun be your brightest ☀️ I’m sorry for everyone who is grieving and I can’t be there for all. Its hard, life is making me realize that I better start making significant changes- I’m in 2020, and it’s about me and family now😵 life happens as it always does; as it always will. If I’m not there for you during your weakest; why keep me around during your strongest- 🚨 announcements coming soon 🚨 #letmego

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Do you like abstract art?

Soooo much love in my paintings in Medellin! 🇨🇴 Do you like art? Immersed in the world of abstract art, every stroke becomes a form of self-discovery and healing. Through the vibrant chaos of colors and shapes, the canvas becomes a sanctuary where emotions flow freely, and the act of painting becomes a transformative journey […]

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Happy New Year 2024

God does things to build you 💪 I feel like I say it every year (because each year keeps getting better) but 2024 is going to be a big calling in life… there’s some epic moments that are brewing behind the scenes including school *again* next month.. and we going to the moon in time […]


What A Beautiful Sight In Medellin

What a beautiful sight in Medellin @ccpalacionacional #medellin @missydi_artist  

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MoonPay & Mayor Suárez

Looking forward to the bright lights in the 305. MoonPay & Mayor Suárez   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by MissyDi (@missydi)

Art Basel

My Tweaker Card

My tweaker card   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by MissyDi (@missydi)