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Announcements Coming Soon

May the rotation around the sun be your brightest β˜€οΈ I’m sorry for everyone who is grieving and I can’t be there for all. Its hard, life is making me realize that I better start making significant changes- I’m in 2020, and it’s about me and family now😡 life happens as it always does; as it always will. If I’m not there for you during your weakest; why keep me around during your strongest- 🚨 announcements coming soon 🚨 #letmego

My Castle In The Sky

Saying Goodbye To My Castle In The Sky – Detroit

Saying Goodbye To My Castle In The Sky – Detroit Saying goodbye to my castle in the sky was so hard. The view of living in the clouds, my perch. It took weeks to convince the apartment complex to approve my application because I had identity fraud while living abroad last year. Some motherfucker opened […]

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Natural Is Beauty – Medellin

Natural Is Beauty – Medellin Natural is beauty 🍬 look at these baby blues ; πŸ“’πŸ“’πŸ“’πŸ“’ ayoooo, got them #angeleyes and we know how to use em πŸ‘€ #blueeyequeen πŸ”Ή@missydiπŸ”Έ started a new service for online chatting for personal or business consulting: coaching online; business plan strategy and so on. 1 hour sessions πŸ”² WhatsApp / Skype (video or […]

Art Tour

Art Tour – MIAMI

Art Tour – MIAMI REPOST > > MUAHH — to all my supporters who have been sprinkling messages in my inbox for your excitement on my art tour!! MUAH πŸ’‹πŸ’‹MUAH – I am thankful, yet blessed for the journey but I will accept the consequences that this may just be a journey… Another adventure for […]

Office Of The Day

Office Of The Day – Medellin

Office Of The Day – Medellin Check out my Office of the day.. with view of the airport.. watching planes land makes me want to jump on one 😱 #medellin is one of the most inspiring cities in the world, The weather makes traveling so easy even though there are many hoops we have to jump […]


I realized to stop searching – true love

In this life, we often get confused on what is real love and what is fake love. The idea of wanting your partner to be that perfect person whom you can relay on for anything, share stories about everything & grow old together in a place that we call home. It can be tremendously hard […]