5 Steps to Improve Your Time Management Skills


Are you frustrated for time? Not enough hours in the day?! … Me too!

Time management seems to be a frustrating topic of conversation for business owners. People like to believe that time is of the essence, but when deadlines are approaching and work/life/college is starting to cause stress; you feel like you have little power and zero energy. Take simple actions steps to better manage your time.

Let’s chat about ‘5 Simple Solutions’ to better manage your time.

1. Focus On Effective Goals
If you are a multi-tasker, like me, who manages 17 things at once – you know the benefit of getting one job in and another complete. Prioritize what projects have higher demand-needs, deadlines and benefits for your career. Clearly organizing your goals will improve your lifestyle in a positive way.

2. Don’t Ask Every Job That Comes Your Way
Pick & Choose what businesses will create a valuable necessity for your services. Accepting every job can be a hassle, its okay to ‘say no’ especially when time & money is on line. Prioritize what business owners host importance.

3. Organize Your Lifestyle
Jot notes & important dates in a planner, digital or print – I like to use both. Write down everything you would like to achieve, even the funky ideas for marketing yourself – strategies, activities and long-term commitments.  I recently downloaded the app, Evernote – which allows users to interact with your notes which are uploaded to the cloud. You can search within the text for certain keywords too.

4. Find a comfy workspace
Whether your workspace is in a quiet office or a fast-paced coffee shop, remain comfortable to focus on your goals. I tend to put earbuds in just to avoid conversation with people. But sometimes I like to surround myself with a lot of commotion, its fun to network with new faces.

5. Take Breaks
Balance your emails, business services and social media activity. Allow yourself to schedule posts using Hootsuite, in the early morning & towards the end of the night. That way, you are not tempting to open social media networks researching quality content to post, Hootsuite will do that for you. Set a deadline for your goals. When goals are achieved, the feeling is great so continue by moving onto the next one.
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