Enjoying Precious Moments While I can; There’s Not Enough Time 🤲🏻

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Enjoying precious moments while i can; there’s not enough time 🤲🏻

So much stress with everything… and layers of spirits and energies that i cant see but i can feel.

Trying to be all sweet and cuteness but random moments happen where ppl trying to clip my wings

Been to hell and back, and I’m still chill … it takes a lot to drive me mad. I think people forget so quickly that im sober … not sober as F, nothing but smoke. And all yall sending these late night texts asking if i made home ok or if im ok .. why wake me uppppp though..


The amount of people that complain to me about something, actually ask me for something else right now.

Welp, trying to chase these dreams but absorbing my energy into everything that goes against the grain.

Why am i tripping so much 💯

I actually have a lil FOMO from Missing my first movement festival since 2006.

Ugh i know I’ll regret it one day but im getting much closer to my goals. Life is what you make of it. Never easy.

Im getting closer 🫶🏽

precious moments


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