My First International Sporting Game: Nacionals

melissa divietri futbol

I haven’t been to a professional futbol (soccer) game before.. but somehow managed to make inside the stadium with police escorts, temporary tickets and hour + late… to the Nacionals Futbol Game – #SUPERLIGAxWIN

Atletico Nacional v Millonarios

Medellin vs Bogota — One of the best rivalry games of history… and we decided to go to the stadium last minute.. My friends and I planned to meet each other at the stadium to cheer the local futbol team, Nacionals from Medellin, Colombia.


Pre-Game: Sunset with Carl Cox

As a lover of techno music… you have to put on the right jams to make any night feel like magic.

I sat on my balcony… sipping a Club Colombia… listening to Carl Cox at his Boileroom Set in Ibiza… watching the blue /purple pink clouds roll over gorgeous mountains. The view kept rolling… and rolling… and rolling. WoWOwoooW … Colombia is absolutely stunning.

Sunset Dreams In Medellin

melissa divietri medellin colombiaEvery single day, I am inspired by this view… I always see something new. After an hour on the balcony, it was time for the journey to the futbol stadium.

MAS TRAFFICO :: Especially during rush hour

melissa divietri medellin colombiaThe longest person that I’ve known in Colombia is Mateo… he is constantly available for driving around the mountain or being available for anything. We sat through some intense traffic but Mateo was a bullet to weave in-and-out the loco traffic. Fireworks started to fire off as we continued into the stadium as the game started. He dropped us directly off at the door way.. and we immediately made our way to scout for jerseys & tickets!


melissa divietri medellin colombia

Just let things happen

I am very well equipped to make deals with people on the street… I am so used to hustling arrangements on my own, those negotiations come easy when approached by people who want to sell something.

– we snagged a deal on our futbol jerseys — 2 for $45Mill each.
– tickets into the stadium / while being police escorted (snaps)
– goodies to keep our happiness floating .. well myself anyway 😛
– seating that you couldn’t dream to ask for


melissa divietri medellin colombia
I was a cheerleader for 7 years… and manager for many of our sporting events in highschool and I know ‘loud people’ well I thought that I did ajjaaja.


The section that we sat in during Nacionals – SOUTH ALTO (?) Whew, wowww.. damn.. Colombian futbol fans are rowdy and full of energy! It was unlike any ambience that I have experienced.. cheering / dancing / clapping / fans hardly hanging on and looked squished. The fan vibes were strong… I was melting.. loved every second of this craziness.

There wasn’t a single break in the middle of cheering — the songs continued to roar as the game played on. Fans were running across the side field with flags that were the size of houses… people cheered / stomped / danced and enjoyed!


melissa divietri medellin colombiaWe tucked ourselves underneath this madness-of-a-section… the rowdy section was located directly behind the goal post but was underneath the bleachers ajajaj.. it was perfectly visible for people to sit to watch the game but you have to be weary that the banners could fall.. or whatever.

The section was roped in banners, covered in plastic and screaming with sound. I tucked myself perfectly into position to enjoy the game in this section before having a wonder.

melissa divietri medellin colombia
It was interesting to see the sponsor, Aguila being available at the game.. but without alcohol. It is probably best that there wasnt alcohol served at the game // I could not believe how rowdy before any action started / whew. This Aguila is without alcohol and my water is in a plastic bag lol so random.

Although, our team (ajajaj yes Medellin) did not win the game, it was the overall experience that made this evening one of my favorite memories in Colombia. What are the odds that I would be at this moment during my travel? I was supposed to be in Barcelona on Wednesday… but somehow another change in schedule brought me to this beautiful stadium.

Millonarios Campeón !!! #superligaxwin

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Nacionals – Futbol in Colombia

Hope you enjoy some of my moments from Medellin vs Bogota.

Highlights from Nacionals

¡@felipebanguero salva a Millonarios! #SUPERLIGAxWIN ⚽

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