My Life In A 10×10 – Year Ago Today

melissa divietri travel

One year ago today –I put my life into a 10×10 storage unit

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There you have it folks, the two hardest working guys storing my life in a 10 x 10 – it’s really happening πŸ™ŒπŸ» Colombia ✈ Berlin ✈ Bali
melissa divietri move

I packed up my life so that I can experience something different… my body, mind and soul was craving change.. and I made it happen

Goodbye, Detroit

Hello, Indonesia

I managed to fit my entire world into three suitcases… whew.. how about that?
melissa divietri travel

I think that it is super important to know what you really want in life.. you learn more about yourself when you accept opportunities and take risks for yourself. You have to put all of your energy into something that you love each day to make it worth it.

Moved to Bali… my island paradise

Melissa DiVietri

100% – Behind The Scenes

I have been visiting with my physical medicine and rehab doctor each month in Ann Arbor. We review how to pace my body: what is testing the limits and how to stay balanced with pain management. My doctor injects medication into my shoulders, neck and head with a syringe. The injections are painful.. and I […]



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