Kicking The Migraines

melissa divietri

The past three days , I’ve battled a migraine from hell. It is unlike any headache you can imagine.. it starts at the top of the head and works behind the neck. It’s the kind of headache where sunlight makes it worse. The only thing that makes this better is to sleep… Over the past 24 hours, I’ve taken 5 Benadryls and multiple pain killers.. yet it hasn’t lightened up. I’m almost out of Benadryl.. which is the only thing that makes it better because it knocks me out.

I laid in bed the entire time.. trying to knock this headache out. I tried a heating pad, laying in a warm bathtub and eating comfort foods. Sometimes my migraines can last over a week.. can you imagine going without work, play or socializing if you’re in bed the entire time. I had to drag myself out of bed so I could function. I missed multiple days of work, appointments with new business and spending time with friends / family. Project deadlines were missed and multiple new accounts are overlooked.. I just cant do anything about it. I have my screen light set to the lowest dim setting so I can write this blog. I’m tired of everyone thinking I have this amazing life with a successful career. If you really knew went behind the scenes, maybe more people would become aware of this difficult disease.

I go to the hospital every month for nerve blocker shots. It hasn’t even been two weeks since I had the injections in the back of my head. The nerve blockers go straight to the top of my head, it feels cold but good. I get the injections in my neck, head and behind the ears. The first two days are really hard because my body is tense from the shots.

I don’t know how to beat this.. it’s the worst part of having a disease. You can’t control your destiny but you can manage it.

Migraine Cure?

I want the next few days to fly by.. the headaches haven’t lightened up. I am grouchy, cranky and it isn’t easy writing this blog = but I know it needs to be done.

I threw an away message on my email — just so people would understand that I was not feeling very well. The away message said to contact me via phone but truth be told – I kept my phone off. The buzzing from social media, the constant connection to being strapped to the internet world.

I need a massage.. a healer.. some cleansing. I’ve slept so much == that I’m not even tired, just hurting.. real bad. I tried essential oils, heat, ice, comfy pillows.. there is literally nothing that can kick this migraine.


When the weather changes so drastically, these headaches become more frequent. They happen every month – some last 2 days but others last over a week. Can you imagine being in this much pain for an entire week?

I just lay there, rub my temple, rub my neck and try to not think about it. Let’s just hope that this is almost over… I pray that these will go away but they haven’t yet. I started getting headaches in high school.. the MRI scan shows nothing. But I wish they would scan me when I’m having these pains – maybe it is a thing with my disease = something they overlooked.

I understand how the migraines started — it’s my every day lifestyle. I use my arms for everything — which is how I think I get these headaches. I pump my body up & down flights of stairs to get home.. I walk miles in the city of Detroit and I carry a heavy bookbag load with my laptop and books.

I hope that my next blog post is exciting, positive, upbeat and the usual me! I am overworking myself – too many hours.. spreading myself thin for people who need my expertise. People constantly reach out to me for business advice; not many of them appreciate, pay or even provide something back. I am such a push over that lets everyone take advantage of what I know and how to use it. Lately, I’ve just said no… or what am I getting from it?

My time is valuable and I would rather sleep an extra hour than work for free to benefit someone else’s business. Would you work for free? Isn’t your time valuable? Well, I’m reaching my 30s … okay not for another 4 years, but still… I have to pivot what is important and keep the leeches out.