It's Cold for four days

It’s Cold for four days

https://www.instagram.com/p/By_ctv-gbXw/ It's amazing what a filtered can do when you have a cold for four days. Laying low,...
melissa divietri bali

Ready for it.. ready for anything (really)

The last time I felt this pit in my stomach was in Bali - last December... A physical pain that took over my soul...
Making Moves in Bogota

Making Moves in Bogota, Colombia

Making Moves in Bogota, Colombia As always, I think my life moves faster than most -- because I plant seeds and make announcements. Follow my...
melissa divietri bali

Video Series Of My Daily Lifestyle – #LifeofMissyDI

Incredibly Honored To Share The First #LifeofMissyDI Vlog I have been traveling for more than a year to different countries around the world....

boy toys

This blog stems from this original --->> VLOG – What happened to me on Sept 18th let me present dipshit #1 - swiped the wrong...
art melissa divietri

Art in Indonesia

Move-in and shaken many things, but that’s just the game @missydi_artist#abstractartist    
Melissa DiVietri

Melissa DiVietri — VLOG – Take the good with the bad

Good things are happening in my life, career, business, family and more!! I had to bite the bullet last week with craziness going on in...
melissa divietri colombia

Does Colombia Look Good On Me?

Even though - I am missing my hometown vibes more than anything.. Detroit is on my mind 24/7 days a week... but I am...
graph expo


  #Print13 my favorite expo every year!
melissa divietri medellin

Yo soy la que manda

I am the one in charge I completely stand out... I feel it, aahah - I like to hang in the local areas.. it's the...

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