Social Media Properties


How to understand what each Social Media Property means:

A simple guide to understand what different social media properties mean and how-to utilize each in the most beneficial way for business. Ensure that each social media property is included in the right social media marketing package. Here is a quick look at a few of them!

Account Setup
Activation to setup your social media network. Setup includes custom graphic designs for background, cover image, profile image or branding presence. Additional features will include custom content for page description, keyword optimization and category establishment.

Graphic Design
Custom social media graphics are created to maintain consistency across all the social networks. From Twitter backgrounds to Google+ cover photos; graphic design is current to establish branding for your business.

Optimized SEO
Improve page rank on Google. Increase your Search ranks by allowing customers or followers to comment on current posts. Reviews, ratings and business compliments help drive search engine rankings.

Content Creation
Connect with consumers and businesses like never before! Write thoughts on just about everything. Best ways are constant communication with ongoing dialogue in a professional level. Curate written posts and reply in voice of company.

Social Media PropertyUnique Weekly Posting
Promoting specific business services or products with post-time sensitive posts that reach different audiences. Ask direct questions that are appealing to potential customers. Daily or weekly set of tasks on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and GooglePlus.

Community Engagement>
Tag businesses in local area of company. Stay involved in events, features and community related activities.

Comment Responding
Monitor each social media network is important; commenting can be crucial.

Followers & Likes
Grow your online audience with different market segments that will boost followership.

Working with other industry professionals, attending conferences and conventions

Custom Blogs/Articles
Writing content for blogs and articles to boost SEO.

Social Media Add-Ons
Social Media Add-Ons that are available include custom training session, advertising, contests, sweepstakes, coupons and additional services.

24/7 Customer Service
Responding in real-time can make the difference if the user is going to use your company or turn to another brand.

Melissa DiVietriI have been committed to growing business develop and digital marketing plans that complement strategic visions by providing measurable results using web design, mobile development, social media, content marketing and online advertising.

Before launching a social media marketing package, I will develop a social media marketing strategy that is customized to target customers, sales and business goals.

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