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Maintaining a business can become a difficult, time-consuming position where social media can be easily left behind. Social media is everywhere! Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, SnapChat and YouTube host billions of people utilizing personal or business profiles. SnapChat video recently surpassed Facebook video views and doesnt it feel like Facebook just joined the video game by adding that functionality.. I’m waiting for Facebook to dominate YouTube, as if! – Instagram apparently has more users than Twitter.. and Google+ is dominating search results with hashtags! I’m on all of them.. and I mean all of them — My brand is present on 32 social media networks.

Social media users are ideal targets for a successful marketing campaign. Attract customers, engage the online community and build loyalty with curated content.Marketing on social platforms can be essential to drive traffic while improving SEO – search engine optimization. Have you Googled your brand, business or product and noticed that 50% of the website pages on Page 1 are social media links? It;s true — try it now! Social Media is effective and users look at your networks to understand what customers are saying.. it’s a purchasing habit that isn’t going away.

Social Media Changed Everything

Face it — there are not enough hours in the day to wear multiple hats to run a successful business. Your company is growing … and social media is going to take your business to places that surpass competitors. You can understand customer purchasing habits, identify your target audience and engage with users on a more personable level.

I can help with initial account setup, optimizing current social networks and curating good content to drive valuable traffic to the website. If you hire me to execute a marketing campaign for your company, I would dedicate time to become familiar with your products, services and client base to optimize the right industry strategy.

+ Increase Brand Awareness
+ Drive Customer Loyalty
+ Increase Sales & Drive Leads
+ Listen To What Users Are Saying
+ Utilize Social Media Tools

Save Time, Save Effort & Save Money

Social Media Package Options

Your customers expect to see your brand on social media.Let me help your business establish a presence online. Select the package that is right for you.

Small Business
(0 – 5,000 Likes / Follows)
Midsize Business
(5,000 Likes / Follows +)
Consultation + 10 audit including competition – $150 Consultation + 10 audit including competition – $250 Please Contact Directly
3 posts each week on all social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Google+).

*Suggested Monthly Advertising Budget – $50 to run Facebook advertisements for LIKES and clicks to website.

1 post each week on all social media networks – 5 posts each week (Facebook, Instagram, Google+).

*Suggested Monthly Advertising Budget – $150 to run Facebook advertisements for LIKES and clicks to website.

Custom Pricing

Unsure About The Value of Social Media? It’s ok…

If you need more time to reconsider if social media is right for you, invest in a consulting package that includes one hour with a 14-page audit across all social media networks. Contact Melissa at

Melissa DiVietri

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