Google+ Profile Page

Google is an important for keyword optimization & search engine optimization. Keyword optimization is the process of using keywords or search terms that can be used to find your business / services.

When searching for my business services; please search for “social media marketing, graphic designer, website development, social media graphics, online marketing, company branding, logo design,” if you notice that I included 7 different broad keyword matches. This is a good number to use because you do not want to keyword stuff which means put too many keywords in one search; it will not be effective.

I use two Google+ profiles; one profile is used to connect my YouTube videos for my music network. The other profile is for my digital media business – social media & website development.


Post website links including a short description that will display on pages of Google. Here is an example of how to effectively post on your Google+ profile:
Google+ Profile

Google+ Publishing

If the page is successful on Google, it will appear in the search engine with a small thumbnail image and a website link next to it. Google+ profile pages display on Page 1 of Google when searching for the right keyword.


I highly recommend posting on Google+ at least once per day. Post content that is relevant to your branding or business services. When users search for content that has keywords that are similar to your business, followership will grow.