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fountain detroit

fountain bistro closedI can’t tell you how many times I’ve repeated myself to my social network that the Fountain Bistro is closed and a new establishment, Fountain Detroit has opened in it’s place.  Go see for yourself at Campus Martius Park. “Fountain Bistro, a fixture at Campus Martius in downtown Detroit for the past six years, has been sold and closed to convert to a new restaurant.” – Crain’s Detroit Biz

Meet “Fountain – Detroit”

A hip restaurant converted from a shipping container. The menu at Fountain Detroit features corridor sausages, a breakfast panini, chopped chickpea salad, pierogi from Hamtramck. A section of the menu titled “snack boxes” will have cheese and fruit selection, hummus with vegetables, charcuterie and smoked salmon.

The beach, a sandy area with children play toys and seating, was a fun place to kick off your shoes and enjoy a cold beverage. The beach is still there but with confusion on how the table settings works now. I watched many individuals come over to the tables without stopping at the hostess table. It was quite embarrassing to watch the wait staff order them to get up & go back to the hostess table. The hostess table is hidden if you are not facing it directly head on.


I waited a week after opening during Memorial Day weekend to try out Fountain Detroit. I wanted the stress test to be completed and any kinks in the process to be revised.

We sat underneath an umbrella at a long table – community style – where another couple could sit on the opposite end. I was excited to order a Mimosa because it was a $2 refill after the first one. The restaurant apologized but didn’t order the Champagne during the launch – no Mimosa. I asked for a recommendation on an IPA – but the waiter wasn’t motivated on providing any references. I resulted to a canned Goose IPA for $12. I ordered an app of guacamole and chips; and entree of a cuban sandwich. After an hour of waiting, an empty beer can, I began to wonder if the app or entree were coming out, so I asked the waiter. He went to check on our food and returned that they accidentally gave it away to another tablet. I almost cancelled the food altogether because we didn’t want to be late heading to the Detroit Tigers baseball game.

fountain detroit

I watched the customers around me.. the couple next to me sent their beer back because it was the wrong kind. They ordered a Perrian Grapefruit and received a Tangerine Beer. When the waiter came back to apologize, he also told the couple “the bartender is really upset that I walked back there to get your drink.” I wouldn’t confess that openly to a couple; that makes them feel bad.  The table of six in front of me only left our waiter (we have the same waiter) $1.00 tip total. It wasn’t just us that had an issue with the waiter; I could tell that he needed more training. The manager came over to greet himself. I asked about hosting a networking event and he replied that each table would be a $500 reservation. He was going to return with a business card, but never did. I understand the restaurant is fairly new to the area but I would recommend adding additional wait staff with experience.

Fountain Detroit Recommendations


  • Next to the beach at Campus Martius Park – fun atmosphere.
  • The view is fantastic – breath-taking!
  • A lot of people which is right up my alley with people watching


  • Drinks were too pricey for the size of the cup. The cup was smaller than a Red Solo Cup but prices starting at $8.
  • Our waiter was not on point – for us or anyone around us. Incredibly unprofessional.
  • Please get some champagne for the Mimosa.. it is highlighted in BOLD on your menu. It was the first thing that I drew my attention too.

fountain detroit fountain detroit

There was a wedding happening kiddie – corner from where we sat at the Fountain Detroit. It was beautiful, I was jealous, it couldn’t have been a more perfect day. The photos probably turned out priceless – they looked so good.

fountain detroit