I have a thousand plans for my future, but little time to accomplish them. I set 1-year, 2-year, 5 -year and 10-year goals to inspire a future with positive insight towards personal, career, educational, and random accomplishments. I aspire to create scholarship opportunities, build art studios to teach under privileged children how to express creativity, travel on mission trips in third world countries and be a hero to someone.. I hope to become an international public figure who promotes diversity & disability awareness. Every person needs a role model, I hope to become the best leader by motivating others.

Inspired to deliver greatness…

Melissa DiVietri - Ed Hyde Photography

I am a personable person. I remember faces, names & their backgrounds. People will open up to me within minutes because I can relate to heart ache, emotional pain, physical trauma and endless amount of tears. I can tell you now, I haven’t cried in a very long time. By controlling my emotions and steering the negativity into a positive feedback, I am powerful. My physical resemblance immediately says ‘sensitive,’ but I am the exact opposite. I am comfortable with speaking about my past experiences because people should educate not discriminate. We are all one human race, remember that.
Who wants to join me? (Bucket List)