Bucket List

This is my #BucketList where I’ve compiled a list of all the things I want to do, feel, experience, expose, see and achieve before I die. My #BucketList is going to maximize every moment of my existence and live my life to the fullest.

“Imagine being able to say at the end of your life’s journey, ‘Wow‘ What a ride!”

Bucket List
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And what better way to have a fulfilling, adventurous life than by creating a #BucketList. It’s a reminder of accomplishing highlights and personal goals in your lifetime. Some of my items on the list are spontaneous adventures I want to visit around the world or foundations I want to create to help millions of people. You should definitely include travel on your life list, seeing the world, embracing new cultures and exposing yourself to what interests you. Include all your different adventures no matter how big or small.

I think it is important to have goals in your life because it becomes something you want to accomplish. The reason why you set goals is so you can achieve more than you would without goals. Goal setting works, the things you accomplish make you feel good about yourself and you want to make more goals to continue feeling good.

Goal Setting
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The key to setting goals it to make sure these goals inspire you. If you have lost interest in your goal, that it’s going to eventually become a burden and uninspired you. Start small by writing down two goals to accomplish a day (i.e. present, personal, positive tense) things you want to accomplish after you wake up and before you go to bed. It allows you to subconsciously work on them and be focused throughout the day.

Include lifelong goals, goals that you want to accomplish in 1, 2 or even 5 years of your lifetime. Your goals don’t have to include a proper outcome; they can be enjoyable and worthwhile. Goals keep us motivated; they align our life’s true purpose. Include goals that correspond to your calling, what motivates you and excites you for a long period of time. On the other hand, goals that are disconnected from our life’s purpose, or are arbitrary, or were chosen just because they “seem like the right thing to do”, or were selected because someone else thinks that they should matter, will soon become burdensome and lead to feelings of self-defeat and goal-resignation.
I’ll get there, just keep clicking back to see how much of my list is complete.

Melissa DiVietri - Business Lady[Last Updated: May 2012]
1. Design My Own Website (Accomplished) www.melissadivietri.com
2. Host/Launch My Own Website (Accomplished) www.melissadivietri.com
3. Create a second website for blogging (Accomplished) www.missydi.blogspot.com
4. Promote my websites through social media (Accomplished)
a. Twitter @missydi
b. Facebook (DI Designs) (DJ Missy DI)
c. Flickr Melissa DiVietri Flickr Feed
d. YouTube www.youtube.com/user/missydi34
e. tumblr www.missydi.com
f. foursquare https://foursquare.com/missydi
g. instragram http://instagr.am/p/FFGSy/
h. tumblr www.missydi.com
i. LinkedIn Profile
j. Blogger www.missydi.blogspot.com
k. Google+  https://plus.google.co/u/0/113850538218439046093/posts 

 I’m very much – “connected” online!!

5. Stand in four states at the same time, also known as ‘Four Corners,’ where Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado all come together at one place
6. Move to the west coast of sunny California (Accomplished)
7. Sky Dive, or Jump out of a plane
8. Cruise in a Cigarette Boat going 95MPH or faster on the ocean!
9. Video record trucks running through mud at mud bogs or mud races – Silver Lake Sand Dunes (Accomplished)
10. Race my own ATV (four-wheeler) at Winter Ice Races in White Lake –
11. Go International on my Google Analytics! As of 4/20/2011 – Hit Athens, Australia & Canada!
Google Analytics 12. Work for a multi-million dollar company – May 2008 (Accomplished)
13. Have fortune 500 clients (Accomplished) (May 2011 – Detroit Digital Advertising – Interactive Design Intern
14. Become a CEO
15. Make a million dreams come true before I turn 30 years young
16. Own my dream car to ride into the sunset
17. Increase marketing strategies using Google AdPlanner & DFP/DFA [May 2011] (Accomplished)
18. Visit the Eiffel Tower at Night/Day
19. Visit New York City; endure the lifestyle (March 2011) (Accomplished)

20. Having returning unique visitors on my website (April 2011) (Accomplished)
21. Live in the city (Brighton, Michigan), (Farmington Hills, MI), (Irvine, California)  (Accomplished)
22. Live in the country (Big Rapids, Michigan)  (Accomplished)
23. Live by a body of water such as a lake or ocean
24. Travel overseas for a few months
25. Take my parents on a family vacation
26. Maintain a 3.0 in college and than a 4.0 (I can dream, right?)
27. Ride in an Amish Buggy in Big Rapids, Michigan
28. Tube down the Muskegon River in Big Rapids  (Accomplished)
29. Shopping Spree on Black Friday (accomplished, three malls, three cities in Mich) started at midnight  (Accomplished)
30. Talk to a room filled with 1,000 people FSU Benefit 2009  (Accomplished)
31. Talk to a room filled of 5,000 people
32. Talk to a room filled of 10,000 people
33. Talk to a room filled of 50,000 people+
34. Plan a trip to fly somewhere but stop in ONE major city before making it to the trip. (May 2012 Detroit to Salt Lake City to Irvine, California).  (Accomplished)
35. Write/Publish a blog that is inspiring to draw diversity and a mixture of audiences  (Accomplished) www.missydi.blogspot.com 
36. Speak to an audience about something I am passionate about (Weekly Campus Tours 2010-2011)  (Accomplished)
37. Pretend I’m on the Cash Cab show in New York City
38. Meet the President of the United States in person
a. Eat lunch with the President
39. DeeJay at a hotspot Club in the city – Chicago New Years 2011  (Accomplished) 
40. Become international, on-line, in-person or through public relations
41. Establish a client list
a. keep track (analytics, basecamp, adplanner)
42. Swim in an ocean
Detroit Oil Painting43. Make a mural with oil painting, featured on the Detroit Free Press:
44. Drive to the city and paint a mural of that city
45. Go shopping for 10 hours [March 2011 with Ramso]  (Accomplished)
46. Develop a website that inspires awareness in diversity
47. Buy my dream Mac with wireless keyboard and magic mouse March 2011 and wireless keyboard!!Plus Wacom Tablet!  (Accomplished)
48. Watch a movie in IMAX in Chicago (again)
49. Ride the Ferris Wheel in Chicago (again)
50. Get lost in Chicago (again) and have fun doing it! (May 2011 for a conference with San Fran people)  (Accomplished)
51. Chase a hot-air balloon –>FUN! (Accomplished)
52. Witness a meteor shower
53. Wish upon a shooting star  (Accomplished)
54. Write a song   (Accomplished)
55. Fall In Love
56. Make the Top 40 with a big Hit Song
57. Travel to 3 countries in 3 weeks
58. Network with individuals in all 50 United States!
59. Do a complete self-review of where I want to be in 10 years
60. Have my picture on a billboard(Accomplished)
61. Have my picture on a website(Accomplished)
62. Have my picture in the paper(Accomplished)
63. Make something with my hands(Accomplished)
64. Travel on a mission trip to a third-world country
65. Encourage my friend, T.K. to do something ridiculous and out of his control; he needs it. You Know Who You Are =] 66. Speak in front of House of Appropriations at the Capitol in Lansing, Michigan to save a SCHOLARSHIP (Accomplished)
Clean Animals Affected by oil spill67. Do something widely unique for myself(Accomplished)
68. Work for a huge advertising company
69. Meet my ultimate goal of 125 volunteer hours in one fiscal year
70. Design a clothing label for recycled, creative attire
71. Bar Crawl in Ireland with locals
72. Whale Watching in Alaska
73. Make history!
74. Eat Pizza in Italy with Italians!
75. Visit my long-lost cousins in Naples, Italy
76. Go to a music concert of my favorite artist (wiz Khalifa) – 8 concerts in ONE YEAR! (Accomplished)
77. Three concerts in 3 days! Kalamazoo, Royal Oak & Cleveland #Wiz Khalifa (Accomplished)
78. Visit Los Angeles, New York, Chicago & Vegas for web seminars on Social Media
79. Travel to a mission trip in a third-world country
80. Clean animals affected by the oil spoil
81. Witness a miracle
82. Make someone happy 83. Stay in school long enough for a High School Diploma (Accomplished)
84. Stay in school (Associates) May 2011(Accomplished)
85. Stay in school (Bachelors)
86. Stay in school (Masters)
87. Become a sports fan ^_^
88. Explore a castle
89. Meet the Queen, besides me 🙂
90. Give someone a total, pleasant surprise
91. Host a Surprise Party
92. Dress up for a Costume Party (Halloween 2011) (Accomplished)
93. Enter my pup in a dog athlete race
94. Create a favorite room or art studio in my apartment
95. Host a party of 50+ people(Accomplished)
96. Host a party of 100+ people(Accomplished)
97. Host a party of 150+ people(Accomplished)
98. Host a party of 300+ people
99. Off-Roading down back roads (Big Rapids & Newaygo, MI) (Accomplished)
100. Bury a time capsule full of key memoirs, goals, pictures, dreams and personal items and plant in a secret location &
101. Un-bury my time capsule 5 years later102. Help 1 million people reach a goal towards success
103. Inspire millions across the world through my words and accomplishments
104. Have my own apartment(s) (Accomplished)
105. Own my dream house
106. Take my parents boat and drive around endless hours sunbathing and sipping margaritas (Accomplished)
107. Make my own decorations for my house (custom cut vinyl wall decals of flowers) (Accomplished)
108. Sit with a widow or an elderly person. Accomplished during church & that made his day. (Accomplished)
109. Travel 300,000 miles! Almost there 301,555 as of June 2011 — 340,000 as of May 2012(Accomplished)
110. Design, CTP and Print a design I’ve created on a four color press
111. Save a life, but my smile saves so many ;] 112. Inspire lives.. (I accomplish this on a basis) (Accomplished)
112. Make my own t-shirt design (Accomplished)
113. Have a weekly radio show – Every Tuesday 8-10pm – Retired! (Accomplished)
114. Broadcast with professional radio shows
115. Make a logo for my profession (Accomplished)
116. DOuble concerts within two days.. Posner & Wiz Best concerts of my life, thank you! (Accomplished)
117. Create a YouTube channel, establish subscribers(Accomplished)

Here’s a challenge for you, now that you are finished reading through my bucket list, make your own and post it in a comment.

Leave a comment with your list, or send a 140 character tweet @missydi!